Ahaon-102 Noon Chill
Produced by Andres Levin & Arto Lindsay w/ Melvin Gibbs
(Tracks 6 & 13 by 7 Cycle w/ Patrick Dillett, Arto Lindsay & Andres Levin)
Released on March 17, 1998
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Ahaon-102 cover
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R aised in Brazil by missionary parents, Arto Lindsay returned to New York and proceeded to play a pivotal role in the nascent No Wave movement as a member of DNA, then bounced to fake avant-garde jazz (Lounge Lizards) and the artists’ collective of The Golden Palominos before settling on a solo career. Appearing originally as Ambitious Lovers, Lindsay and Peter Scherer made noisy art rock separated by percussive interludes and romantic ballads. It had all the elements of Tropicália, a revolutionary Brazilian movement popularized in music by Caetano Vaeloso and Gilberto Gil, only the elements were isolated from one another. Noon Chill is a far more organic and faithful vision of Tropicália; intellectual, artistic and popular idioms are fused together in a new kind of music at once familiar and strikingly alien (like the sun contemplated as a ball of fiery helium). This is bees making honey: unexpected sounds woven into cotton-soft melodies, strange buzzes and beeps and warm Brazilian balladry. The natural, easy genius of “Whirlwind” and “Simply Are” bespeak a grace that comes from full acceptance of Arto’s oddities as the immutable order of things. Take a second look at the scuba ‘do on the front cover or the artist lounging seductively (if ineffectually) on the lawn. It’s an unconventional human in the act of being. To put it into his own words, Arto isn’t trying to be different, he simply is. Maybe it’s his indifference to being different that makes Noon Chill such a refreshing work. Or the fact that the most and least traditional tracks on the album (“Mulata Fuzarquiera,” “Anything”) still build toward a greater whole rather than work against each other. His first album, Envy, was clearly at odds with itself; a schizophrenic album that sought to shock where it couldn’t command attention. Noon Chill caught me off guard with its unprepossessing normalcy and, later, for its natural subversion of everything normal. In this future Metropicalis, lounge chairs and lasers both have a place, and Arto Lindsay holds fast to an old romantic ideal with new electronic hands. The fusion of Brazilian and avant-garde New Yorkisms found here is seldom less than fascinating, as though the talents of Caetano Vaeloso and David Byrne were poured into a single, improbably skinny container. Maybe he should change his name to Artesao Lindo.

Ahaon-102 gatefold sleeve
Ahaon-102 gatefold sleeve


  1. NOON CHILL    (Arto Lindsay/Andres Levin/Melvin Gibbs)    3:35
  2. WHIRLWIND    (Arto Lindsay/Andres Levin/Melvin Gibbs)    4:40
  3. SIMPLY ARE    (Arto Lindsay/Marisa Monte/Davi Moraes/Andres Levin)    3:40
  4. BLUE EYE SHADOW    (Arto Lindsay/Andres Levin/Melvin Gibbs)    3:28
  5. MULATA FUZARQUIERA    (Noel Rosa)    3:06
  6. RIDICULOUSLY DEEP    (Arto Lindsay/Vinicius Cantuária/Melvin Gibbs)    4:08
  7. ANYTHING    (Arto Lindsay/Andres Levin/Melvin Gibbs/Sussan Deyhim)    4:25
  8. GODS ARE WEAK    (Arto Lindsay/Melvin Gibbs/Andres Levin)    2:36
  9. TAKE MY PLACE    (Arto Lindsay/Melvin Gibbs/Andres Levin)    4:14
  10. DAILY LIFE    (Arto Lindsay/Melvin Gibbs/Andres Levin)    1:31
  11. LIGHT MOVES AWAY    (Arto Lindsay/Melvin Gibbs/Andres Levin)    3:24
  12. WHY COMPARE    (Arto Lindsay/Andres Levin/Melvin Gibbs/Lucas Santana)    3:34
  13. REENTRY    (Arto Lindsay/Vinicius Cantuária)    3:35
  14. AUGURI    (Arto Lindsay/Marisa Monte/Davi Moraes)    2:06
  15. (Hidden Track)


ARTO LINDSAY -- vocals, guitar
MELVIN GIBBS -- bass, surdo, B-3, acoustic guitars, programming, horn arrangements
ANDRES LEVIN -- programming, acoutsic guitars, B-3, keys, horn arrangements, engineer
DAVI MORAES -- acoutsic guitars, surdo
PETER SCHERER -- sampler and piano
NANA VANSCONCELOS -- repique, pandeiro, conga, shakers, Turkish drum, surdo, stand up kit, cymbals, sticks
Ravi Best -- cornet, trumpet
Vinicius Cantuária -- acoustic guitars (6,13)
Vincent Chancey -- french horn Gustavo de Dalva -- atabaque, agogo and shakers (10)
Sussan Deyhim -- vocals (6,11)
John Dryden -- horn arrangements
Marty Ehrlich -- bass clarinet
Mitchell Froom -- claviola (5)
Josh Roseman -- trombone
Ryuichi Sakamoto -- prepared piano, keys, piano
Fernanda Torres -- voice (10)
Dave Robbins -- engineer, mixing
Pat Dillett -- engineer, mixing
Diego Cortez -- art direction, photography
Collier Schorr -- photography
Tony Morgan/Step Graphics -- design

US March 17, 1998 Bar None CD Ahaon-102  
UK 1998 Rykodisc CD RCD-10436  


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