9 25504-1 Bouncing Off The Satellites
Produced by Tony Mansfield
Released on September 1986
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9 25504-1 cover  

R ecorded in the summer of 1985, only months before Ricky Wilson passed away, Bouncing Off The Satellites might have taken on an added poignancy. But this is The B-52’s we’re talking about, and what weighs heavy in their world are light concerns about wigs, housework and love, love, love. As much as it hurts to say so, Ricky Wilson’s swan song with the band is a turkey. The first side of music collapses under its own inanity: “Wig,” “Girl From Ipanema Goes To Greenland,” “Summer of Love.” The second side is much better, but you wonder how many critics really stuck around for the warm and wistful “Theme For A Nude Beach” or “She Brakes For Rainbows,” two of the prettiest tracks the band has ever recorded. Listening to the music or looking at the credits, it’s clear that The B-52’s were falling apart. Fred Schneider doesn’t even appear until the fourth track, and his “Juicy Jungle” amounts to a solo track (albeit a catchy one) in the album’s midst. “Housework” features only Kate Pierson and Keith Strickland from the band. An active musical hand is taken by producer Tony Mansfield, who manages to make the band sound a lot like Thompson Twins. Bouncing isn’t a terrible record, as some have made it out to be, but it’s not what the B’s do best. The absurdity of their early work gave no quarter, the melodic dance sensibilities of Whammy! were wonderfully sly, and Bouncing simply falls flat by comparison. Some of the same themes would reappear on Cosmic Thing (love in a psychedelic frame, channels as a means of communication), but Bouncing is bound to disappoint anyone coming from Cosmic looking for the same enlightened party.

9 25504-1 back cover 9 25504-1 lyric sleeve
9 25504-1 back cover 9 25504-1 lyric sleeve


  1. SUMMER OF LOVE    (Ricky Wilson/Keith Strickland/Cindy Wilson/Kate Pierson)    4:02
  2. GIRL FROM IPANEMA GOES TO GREENLAND    (Ricky Wilson/Keith Strickland/Cindy Wilson)    4:22
  3. HOUSEWORK    (Kate Pierson/Tim Rollins)    4:04
  4. DETOUR THRU YOUR MIND    (The B-52's)    5:06
  5. WIG    (The B-52's)    4:22
  6. THEME FOR A NUDE BEACH    (The B-52's)    4:50
  7. AIN'T IT A SHAME    (Cindy Wilson/Ricky Wilson/Keith Strickland)    5:30
  8. JUICY JUNGLE    (Lyrics by Fred Schneider/Music by John Cote)    4:50
  9. COMMUNICATE    (The B-52's)    4:08
  10. SHE BRAKES FOR RAINBOWS    (Ricky Wilson/Keith Strickland)    4:41


KATE PIERSON -- vocals, organ
KEITH STRICKLAND -- bass guitar, keyboards, guitar, table guitar, sitar, backing vocals, harmonica, back cover photo
CONDY WILSON -- vocals
RICKY WILSON -- guitar, bass guitar, backing vocals
Tom Beckerman -- lead guitar (8)
John Cote -- backing vocals and all other instruments (8)
Mark Mazur -- guitar and bass guitar (3)
Tim Rollins -- guitar (3)
Tony Phillips -- engineer
Kenny Scharf -- front cover painting
Keith Bennett/Kav DeLuxe -- art direction

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US September 1986 Warner Bros. LP/CS 25504 lyric sleeve
UK 1986 Island LP/CS ILPS 9871  
BRA 1986 Warner Bros. LP 6047245  
CAN 1986 Warner Bros. LP 92 55041  
JPN 1986 Island LP R28D2078 lyric insert
US   Warner Bros. CD 25504  


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