MJR025 Protoplasmic
Produced by Boris Savoldelli
Released on June 16, 2009
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MJR025 cover
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E lliott Sharp is a fixture in the frenetic NYCene; Boris Savoldelli a yet-unnamed luminous object, perhaps the a kapellmeister of a new age. Savoldelli has released one previous disc; Sharp’s recorded output numbers close to one hundred. In calculating the odds that the pair would work together, it’s best to remember that in a world where chaos is embraced as cold fact, anything can happen. Protoplasmic is a conspiracy between two agents of chaos where the next sound you hear might be brutal or beautiful and will almost certainly be unexpected. Frank Zappa used to blast you with forty seconds of this stuff: guitar noise, tape manipulation and bizarre voices, packaged under a silly name connected to the old classical gods like Stravinsky (“Igor’s Boogie”) or Debussy (“Prelude to the Afternoon of a Sexually Aroused Gas Mask”). There are no dead gods here. Protoplasmic is alive, not forty seconds of brain-poking in-jokes but forty-six minutes of exploratory brain surgery. With Sharp you know that some kind of madness will emanate from the guitar, but the scratches, screams and squalls will have nothing to do with the known language of the instrument. Boris Savoldelli is a human box of voices that range from plainchant to interplanetary space whispers to plain lunacy. His first album invited comparisons to Bobby McFerrin; it’s a safe wager his second won’t. The idea of matching an avant-garde instrumentalist with an equally experimental vocalist was played out on an earlier Moonjune release, Dune. That disc featured Hugh Hopper and Yumi Hara Cawkwell, and mixed noise with otherworldly sounds. In theory, Protoplasmic follows a similar path. In practice, that path is on a parallel but different plane of existence. Sharp and Savoldelli are all about pushing buttons, pushing boundaries, creating a symphony of sound from chaos. Their music collides, corrupts, crosses into celestial bodies and space junk like a careening comet. Despite its improvisational and ephemeral nature, Protoplasmic isn’t simply a finite cross-section of chaotic energy. Savoldelli is adept at layering his music on the fly, and he reacts quickly and smartly to Sharp’s unpredictable plucking, scratching and sawing. Yet Protoplasm isn’t quite collaboration; it’s two musical personalities launched at one another through a particle accelerator, smashing and bonding at great force. I’d usually wrap up the review around here, but nothing as open-ended as Protoplasmic should have such a neat


  1. A-QUANTIC    4:58
  2. NOISES IN MY HEAD    3:00
  4. BLACK FLOYD    1:38
  5. REFLECTIVE MIND    3:35
  6. NOSTALGHIA    4:22
  7. A MEETING IN A PARK    1:24
  8. KHAOTIC LIFE    6:03
  10. DIG IT    11:03

    All instant compositions by Boris Savoldelli & Elliott Sharp


BORIS SAVOLDELLI -- vocals, electronics, mixing
ELLIOTT SHARP -- guitars, saxophone (10), electronics, engineer
Piero Villa -- mixing
Leonardo Pavkovic -- executive producer, graphics
Fernando Natalici -- cover photo
Marcus Tondo -- BS & ES photos

US June 16, 2009 Moonjune CD MJR025  


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