ENO 1 Here Come The Warm Jets
Produced by Eno
Released on December 1973/January 1974
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ENO 1 cover
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K ronomyth 2.0: VIRGINIA PLAIN WITH SPRINKLES ON TOP. This is jolly Uncle Eno skipping down from the high tower of pseudo-intellectualism (No Pussyfooting) to the cluttered basement of exhibitionist art rock last visited on Roxy’s first. With three Roxy members in tow, it’s tempting to see Jets as Eno fronting Roxy, except this is more about Eno being Eno not being in Roxy anymore. He is, for one thing, much freakier than Ferry. If Eno in lipstick and eyeshadow is a sight, songs like “Dead Finks Don’t Talk,” “Baby’s On Fire” and “Blank Frank” are a sight stranger. Credited with treatments and simplistic keyboards, you might mistake Brian for a bit player in his own circus, but make no mistake: he is the master puppeteer, ushering in a remarkable assortment of defiantly quirky rock songs, feedback-drenched yet melodious mutations and some wistful songs that show the artist’s sensitive side. Subsequent albums would refine this approach, then abandon it altogether; none of them have the exuberance of Jets. Although Roxy is the reference point, Eno isn’t remotely interested in cultivating Ferry’s urbane persona. This album is all about pushing buttons, pushing boundaries, pushing his own personal freak flag further up the pole. Listening to this twenty-odd years ago, I had the impression I’d stumbled into a very big rabbit hole where all the strange fantasies I had about music had come to life. It took a series of stifling ambient albums to shake me out of my reverie of Eno, but not before I’d snatched up all of the classic “vocal” albums. These albums still form the foundation of what I listen to today and represent some of the most imaginative, unconventional and exciting works I’ve heard.

ENO 1 back cover
ENO 1 back cover


  1. NEEDLES IN THE CAMEL'S EYE    (Eno/Phil Manzanera)    3:25
  2. THE PAW PAW NEGRO BLOWTORCH    (Eno)    3:00
  3. BABY'S ON FIRE    (Eno)    5:15
  4. CINDY TELLS ME    (Eno/Phil Manzanera)    3:30
  5. DRIVING ME BACKWARDS    (Eno)    5:15
  6. ON SOME FARAWAY BEACH    (Eno)    4:40
  7. BLANK FRANK    (Eno/Robert Fripp)    3:35
  8. DEAD FINKS DON'T TALK    (Eno, arr. Paul Thompson/Busta Cherry Jones/Nick Judd/Eno)    4:20
  9. SOME OF THEM ARE OLD    (Eno)    4:40
  10. HERE COME THE WARM JETS    (Eno)    4:00


ENO -- vocals, simplistic keyboards, snake guitar, electric larynx, synthesizer, treatments, mixing
Robert Fripp -- guitars (3,5,7)
Busta Cherry Jones -- bass guitar (2,4,6,8)
Nick Judd -- keyboards (4,8)
Simon King -- percussion (1,3,5,6,7,10)
Nick Kool and The Koolaids -- keyboards (7)
Bill MacCormick -- bass guitar (1,7)
Andy Mackay -- keyboards, saxophone sextet (6,9)
Phil Manzanera -- guitars (1,2,4)
Paul Rudolph -- guitars, bass guitar (3,5,10)
Marty Simon -- percussion (2,3,4)
Chris 'Ace' Spedding -- guitars (1,2)
Sweetfeed -- backing vocals (6,7)
Chris Thomas -- extra bass (2), mixing
Paul Thompson -- percussion (8)
Lloyd Watson -- slide guitars (9)
John Wetton -- bass guitar (3,5)
Denny Bridges -- mixing engineer
Derek Chandler -- engineer
Phil Chapman -- mixing engineer
Paul Hardiman -- mixing engineer

UK/US Dec. 1973/Jan. 1974 Island LP ILPS-9268  
JPN 1973/4 Polydor LP MPF-1168  
UK 1977 Polydor LP 2302 063  
ITA/NZ 1977 Polydor LP 2310 574  
UK 1977 Polydor 2LP 2683 082 repackaged w. BEFORE AND AFTER SCIENCE
US 1982 Editions EG LP ENO 1  
UK 1987 Editions EG CD/CS EGCD/EGMC-11  
US May 31, 2004 Astralwerks CD 77293 digital remaster
JPN 2004 Virgin CD VJCP-68656  
UK 2009 EMI CD ENOCDX-1 digital remaster


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