9 45033-2 Nerve Net
Produced by Brian Eno with Markus Draws
Released on September 1, 1992
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9 45033-2 cover
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M aybe an album of modern electronica was pretty nervy (or merely inevitable), but Eno pays the genre too high a compliment by bringing his genius to bear on club music. I mean, everybody kind of figured he could out-Moby the competition if he wanted to, but I’d rather have left it to the imagination. As interesting and edgy as songs like “What Actually Happened?” are, they’re ostensibly no further along the curve than My Life In The Bush of Ghosts, suggesting that Eno’s muse had grown stagnant. It’s a wonder then Nerve Net was released at all, given that Eno’s previous effort, My Squelchy Life, was scratched altogether. A couple of tracks from that effort, “My Squelchy Life” and “Juju Space Jazz,” ended up here along with new material. Nerve Net is a different sort of album for Eno, kind of a cross between club music and The Residents, but the ‘90s so far have found Eno stumped for an encore. He seems to be making music beneath his stature, a point amplified by Robert Fripp’s participation on “pin-trumpet guitar” in the opening “Fractal Zoom” (at least Fripp gets to play more than one note on “Juju Space Jazz”). I know that the polite response to this music is to acknowledge that Eno isn’t copying anyone, that it’s the reverse. And yet I count on Eno to make music that nobody else could, which is not Nerve Net. What you get here are a few very good club tracks (“Wire Shock,” “Juju Space Jazz,” “Ali Click”), the interesting avant jazz of “Distributed Being” (featuring John Paul Jones at the keys), and the mind-entangling “Web.” Not enough to lure your cash away from thought-provoking masterworks like the Ambient series, but if Wrong Way Up and Spinner are any indication, it doesn’t get better than this for Eno in the ‘90s.

9 45033-2 booklet back cover
9 45033-2 booklet back cover


  1. FRACTAL ZOOM    6:24
  2. WIRE SHOCK    5:27
  4. PIERRE IN MIST    3:47
  5. MY SQUELCHY LIFE    4:02
  6. JUJU SPACE JAZZ    4:26
  7. THE ROIL, THE CHOKE    5:00
  8. ALI CLICK    4:13
  10. WEB    6:21
  11. WEB (LASCAUX MIX)    9:44
  12. DECENTRE    3:26

    CD reissue bonus tracks

    All compositions by Brian Eno


BRIAN ENO -- synthesizers, Kuti-bass, voices, tube organs, morse keys, signal synthesizer, guitar, squelchy voice, african organ, tenor fax, Ekpo bass, mix, Ali-bass, arabesque, frogs, bass, thick organ, moon piano, artwork and design
MARKUS DRAWS -- mix, drum program, squirt drum, kit squelch, treatments, studio engineer
Robert Ahwai -- conga guitar
Gregg Arreguin -- guitar, sour chord guitar
Richard Bailey -- drums
Guy Barber -- speaking voice
CSJ Bofop -- mist
Neil Catchpole -- Fellini voices, voice
Laurence Cottle -- bass
Ernest Darling -- clave
Ian Dench/EMF -- drum loop
Wayne Duchamp -- alto sax
Marie Eno -- speaking voice
Roger Eno -- piano sample
Robert Fripp -- pin-trumpet guitar, early 50's club guitar, solo guitar
King Hastings Kwesi Banana -- baritone sax
John Paul Jones -- piano
Helen May -- speaking voice
John May - speaking voice
Rod Melvin -- piano
Sugarfoot Moffett -- drums, kick
John Moorby -- speaking voice
Penny Moorby -- speaking voice
Alice Ngukwe -- tenor sax
Winston Ngukwe -- second conga
Isaac Osapanin -- first conga, congas
Anita Patel -- speaking voiec
Rupel Patel -- speaking voice
Sunita Patel -- speaking voice
Yogish Patel -- speaking voice
Curtis Pelican -- trumpet
Robert Quine -- rhythm guitar, reverse guitars
Sophie Rawlings -- speaking voice
Joyce Robinson -- speaking voice
Cecil Stamper III -- frame drum
Benmont Tench -- key percussion
Christine West-Oram -- voice
Jamie West-Oram -- rhythm and lead guitars
Romeo Williams -- spring bass
Ben Fenner -- live engineer, studio engineer
Chris Fuhrman -- live engineer
Sid Wells -- studio engineer
Greg Jakobejk -- artwork and design

UK/US/GER September 1, 1992 Opal/Warner Bros. LP/CD/CS 45033 picture sleeve
JPN 1992 Opal CD WPCP-4962 picture sleeve
RUS   Ars Nova CD ANON007  
US June 28, 2005 Hannibal CDX HAN1477 w. bonus tracks


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