GYR 6614-2 Spinner
Initial recordings produced by Brian Eno
Additional production by Jah Wobble
Released on October 23, 1995
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GYR 6614-2 cover
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K ronomyth 11.0: MY BEEF IN THE GUSH OF LOAFS. Eno, in the ennui of his autumn, recorded a soundtrack to a film he admittedly hardly watched (Glitterbug) and then had the idea (but not the energy) to release the music as a standalone soundtrack. Enter Wobble, who took Eno’s soundtrack, recorded over some of it, and released it as Spinner. This is not a collaboration in the commonly accepted sense; Eno’s involvement ended where Wobble’s began. In fact, it’s not clear whether Eno even has an opinion on Spinner. I wrote a review of this for AMG a while back, in which I approached this mostly from Eno’s catalog. It’s true that a few songs (“Where We Lived,” “Garden Recalled,” “Space Diary 1”) are lifted entirely from Eno’s original soundtrack with no involvement from Wobble at all other than (presumably) selection. Just as it’s true that the majority of these tracks relegate Eno’s original soundtrack to the role of an ambient bed in the background, a foundation from which Wobble builds his own instrumentals. It’s an interesting approach, I suppose, since I haven’t the gall to label either artist as lazy, though I will concede that Eno has lately grown increasingly Warholian in his indifference to his own art. The ambient lounge music of The Drop (a glimpse of which is hidden a few minutes after the final track, “Left Where It Fell,” is over) was equally underwhelming. So, Eno fans can opt out of this, while Wobble fans may be interested in an album of ambient dub music, especially one that ostensibly carries the imprimatur of Eno on it.


  1. WHERE WE LIVED    (Brian Eno)     2:59
  2. LIKE ORGANZA    (Brian Eno/Jah Wobble)     2:44
  3. STEAM    (Brian Eno/Jah Wobble)     3:16
  4. GARDEN RECALLED    (Brian Eno)     3:21
  5. MARINE RADIO    (Brian Eno/Jah Wobble)     5:04
  6. UNUSUAL BALANCE    (Brian Eno/Jah Wobble)     5:23
  7. SPACE DIARY 1    (Brian Eno)     1:51
  8. SPINNER    (Brian Eno/Jah Wobble)     2:54
  9. TRANSMITTER AND TRUMPET    (Brian Eno/Jah Wobble)     8:41
  10. LEFT WHERE IT FELL    (Brian Eno/Jah Wobble)     7:02


BRIAN ENO -- synthesizer, treatments, front cover concept, cover image
JAH WOBBLE -- bass, drums, keyboards, atmospheres, mixing
Justin Adams -- guitar
Richard Bailey -- drums
Sussan Deyhim -- vocals
Mark Ferda -- atmospheres, keyboards, percussion, mixing, engineer, assistant producer
Jaki Liebeziet -- drums
David Coppenhall -- front cover concept, subsequent design of cover image

UK October 23, 1995 All Saints LP/CD/CS AS/ASCD/ASC-23  
US October 23, 1995 Gyroscope CD GYR 6614  
JPN 1995 All Saints CDPRO POCP-7033  
RUS 1999 Ars Nova CD AN-990303  
US 2006 Hannibal CD HNCD-1495  


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