OBR-6913001 View
Produced by Bryan Beller
Released on October 28, 2003
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OBR-6913001 cover
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I found this in the used prog rock bin at Gerosa Records last year. I found Horizont there too. (Ev’ybody: Bless that bin!) Now I didn’t know the first thing about Bryan Beller, but I did recognize Nick D’Virgilio’s name, and for five dollars I figured (cum beller bong water) I’d get my money’s worth. A little research later, I had my X and Y coordinates: Mike Keneally Band, Z. In other words, way off on the edges for someone who likes to collect lousy albums by famous people. Compounding the risk, Beller is a bass player. Go ahead, name a great solo album by a bass player (give yourself a star if you said Band On The Run). The first time I heard View, I was settling down for a short winter’s nap, so I only made it midway. My impression: jazz fusion with an edge, the sort of intelligent stuff that gluts the used disc bins of the world. (Fusion never grabs me on the first go round unless it has some kind of tinker-toy riff that an 8-year-old could appreciate.) The second time I heard View, I stayed awake for the whole thing and got bitten in the middle. Begininng with “Bite,” View ceases to be your standard hairy intellectual fusion album and opens the window wide. Of a sudden, grunge (or what some folks call prog metal), grand instrumentals and irresistible pop melodies rushed into the room, blowing the jazz-fusion label I was about to slap on View right out of my hand. Many listens later, I’m still struck by the variety of View, as though Bryan Beller was determined to fit as wide a vista as possible into the confining frame of a single CD. It has something for everybody, from acoustic purists to space metal weirdos (apparently, I saved some labels in my pocket for later). Your brain needs to be in the mood for a buffet to enjoy this on every level, but bassed on View we can expect to see more from Bryan Beller in the future.

OBR-6913001 gatefold sleeve OBR-6913001 back sleeve
OBR-6913001 gatefold sleeve OBR-6913001 back sleeve


  1. BEAR DIVIDE    2:33
  4. ELATE    1:32
  5. GET THINGS DONE    7:35
  6. BACKWOODS    (John Patitucci)    3:37
  7. BITE    (music by Wes Wehmiller, lyrics by Colin Keenan)    3:54
  8. EIGHTEEN WEEKS    7:39
  9. PROJECTILE    1:35
  10. WILDFLOWER    4:49
  11. NO    4:12
  12. SEE YOU NEXT TUESDAY    4:11
  13. VIEW    5:49

    All songs written by Bryan Beller unless noted


BRYAN BELLER -- acoustic bass, electric bass, solo, spoken word, keyboards, vocals, piano
RICK MUSALLAM -- acoustic and electric guitars, background vocals, wah guitar
JOE TRAVERS -- drums
Jeff Babko -- hammond organ
Sean Bradley -- violin (80
Fausto Cuevas -- percussion (5)
Nick D'Virgilio -- background vocals, engineer, mixing
Colin Keenan -- lead vocals (7)
Mike Keneally -- piano, hammond organ, background vocals
Dmitri Kourka -- viola (8)
Toss Panos -- drums
Griff Peters -- lead guitar, baritone guitar
Tricia Steel -- vibraphone (8)
Dave Takahashi -- cello (8)
Wes Wehmiller -- main background vocals & rhythm bass guitar (7), road photography
Yogi -- guitars (9)
Ed Monsef -- additional engineering, key Pro Tools engineering
Katy Towell -- art design and title concept
Stanley Leary -- cityscape cover photo

US October 28, 2003 Onion Boy Records CD OBR-6913001 picture sleeve


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