A 32820 Don't Be Cruel
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Released on November 1998
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T here’s a measure of cruelty to any Cheap Trick compilation that doesn’t include “I Want You To Want Me,” but at least they didn’t clog this cut-price collection with crap like “The Flame.” The selection here is actually a bit baffling. If you were going to pick two tracks from Dream Police, would they be “I Know What I Want” and “Way of the World?” Honestly, the only obvious choice (outside of “Don’t Be Cruel,” since they called it that) is “Surrender.” The other classic hits are noticeably absent. Of course, as most Cheap Trick fans already know, all of the material from the band’s first three records is worth hearing, so I won’t complain about “Oh Candy” or “California Man.” Happy to have them here, thank you very much. But these “special” products from Sony seem to take special care not to deliver too much for the money. I mean, would someone’s job really be in danger if “I Want You To Want Me” or “Voices” accidentally tipped the scales to the consumer’s advantage? So many questions today, so little time. The main question (the elephant in the room, if you will) is: Who would buy this? Someone who knows a few Cheap Trick songs from the radio, recognizes “Surrender,” and reasons `How bad can it be for eight bucks?’ (The answer: not bad at all.) The only other audience for this is a slippery bunch: callous-fingered critics who feel beholden to have an opinion on everything. Me, I had eight bucks burning a hole in my pocket and have very delicate fingers. (My feet are another story.) I know that’s not very helpful, but I don’t have a button like Amazon that let’s you indicate whether the review was helpful or not, which isn’t helpful so much as just sad, since I’ve almost clicked on that button but for a voice in my head that hissed: Certainly you have better things to do. I’ll have to make a short story out of that one of these days: Someone who signs their soul to the devil for a better life, and then spends the rest of their life filling out forms indicating just how much better they’d like their life to be (satin bed sheets: Yes or No?).


  1. HELLO THERE    1:39
  2. SURRENDER    4:13
  3. OH CAROLINE    2:57
  4. WAY OF THE WORLD    (Robin Zander/Rick Nielsen)    3:37
  5. I KNOW WHAT I WANT    4:28
  6. DON'T BE CRUEL    (Blackwell/Elvis Presley)    3:08
  7. ELO KIDDIES    (3:41
  8. CALIFORNIA MAN    (Roy Wood)    3:43
  9. OH CANDY    3:05
  10. COME ON, COME ON    2:37

    All songs written by Rick Nielsen unless noted


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US November 1998 Sony Music Special Products LP A 32820  


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