R2 70795 Mavericks
Produced by Chris Stamey and Peter Holsapple
Released on 1991
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T hey might be giant byrds. That was my first impression of Mavericks. I never tuned in for the dB’s, so the re-pairing of Peter and Chris wasn’t a pilgrimage back to some lost holy land for me. Trouser Press, on the other pant leg, just about burst with praise for this: magnificent, career highlight, deeply moving, every moment worth savoring, etc. So when I saw this used for six bucks, I couldn’t resist. Realized my ROI pretty quick with “Angels” and “Geometry,” then let the rest of the record work its humble spell. At the moment, “I Want to Break You Heart,” “She Was The One” and “The Child In You” are slowly getting under my skin. Now, some folks are gung-ho for Mavericks. Supposedly the same people who thought the Georgian jangle-pop movement was the warm and likeable relation in the alt rock family. Lots of acoustic guitar, some cello, nice harmonies, prickly like tart lemonade and dreamy like a summer’s day swathed in cicada’s crescendo, ed said awry. The disc is actually the result of two distinct sessions: four relatively quiet, reflective tracks from mid-June 1990 and eight livelier entries from mid-November. More than half a dozen guests provide support, so at no point does Mavericks feel like an underdone album. However, I can’t shake the feeling that a lot of people make good music like this: quirky, salty, smart and sincere. Out of the Alex Chilton school came any number of interesting undergrads, from Teenage Fanclub to Flaming Lips. Those bands are more apt to throw gasoline on a song, and it’s fun to watch it burn. Mavericks isn’t as much fun as it might have been, which is a critique I have against jangle-pop in general. Sometimes stubbed toes and not a broken heart need tending; “Geometry” protracted over half an album would have been bliss.

R2 70795 gatefold sleeve
R2 70795 gatefold sleeve


  1. ANGELS    (Peter Holsapple/Chris Stamey)
  2. I KNOW YOU WILL    (Peter Holsapple)
  3. HERE WITHOUT YOU    (Gene Clark)
  4. CLOSE YOUR EYES    (Chris Stamey)
  5. ANYMORE    (Peter Holsapple)
  6. I WANT TO BREAK YOUR HEART    (Chris Stamey)
  7. SHE WAS THE ONE    (Peter Holsapple)
  8. GEOMETRY    (Chris Stamey)
  9. THE CHILD IN YOU    (Peter Holsapple)
  10. LOVERS ROCK    (Chris Stamey)
  11. TAKEN    (Peter Holsapple)

    All songs arranged by Chris Stamey and Peter Holsapple


PETER HOLSAPPLE -- acoustic and electric guitars, organ, piano, bass, drums, autoharp, rhythm bed, recorder, "guitars" artwork
CHRIS STAMEY -- acoustic and electric guitars, organ, piano, bass, drums, electric accordion, rhythm bed
Alan Bezozi -- drums, shaker
Michael Blair -- drums, thumb ring, Chinese drum, gong, shakers, cymbals, glockenspiel
Chris Butler -- tambourine (6)
Gene Holder -- guitar solo (4)
James MacMillan -- engineer, fretless bass (5), stereo mix (12)
Ilene Markell -- bass
Jane Scarpantoni -- 'cello
Dave Schramm -- electric guitar, steel guitar
Michael Shockley -- tambourines (1)
Jon Rosenberg -- additional recording
Bill Scheniman -- additional recording
John Siket -- additional recording
George Cowan -- mixing
Carol Whaley -- photography
Ann -- additional pics
Geoff Gans and Brigid Pearson -- art direction
Harold Whittier -- Yip and Yap photograph

US 1991 RNA CD R2 70795  


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