96116-2 Suck City
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Released on 1992
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F our more prayers from the chapped, apocalypped Cop Shoot Cop. It opens in a car chase rumble of bass and drums. By EPís end, one wheel is shot and youíre imbalanced, hellbound. If Killing Joke cooking from Primusí pantry makes your mouth water, open wide for Suck City. Rotten old graybeard that I am, I hear Eno and Iggy Pop alongside Butthole Surfers and Janeís Addiction. What you wonít hear is a guitar but grinding noises, two basses and drums that wrap themselves around the axle and send sparks flying. Cop Shoot Copís intricate chaos aligns them with the new fusion of the 90s: punk, rock and technology played like a police siren to a sleeping populace. Here but for the grace of Bob I would be sleeping too (thanks, man), but I woke up in time. In the lexicon of the primus particulate, this EP sucks.


  1. NOWHERE    (Tod A./Cop Shoot Cop)    4:37
  2. DAYS WILL PASS    (Tod A.)    4:10
  3. WE SHALL BE CHANGED    (Jim Coleman/Tod A.)    5:00
  4. SUCK CITY    (Tod A./Cop Shoot Cop)    2:30


TOD A. -- high end bass & vocals
FILER (JIM COLEMAN) -- samples & tapes
NATZ (JACK NATZ) -- low end bass
PHIL PULEO -- metal & drums
Martin Bisi -- engineer, mixing
Cop Shoot Cop -- mixing
Subvert Entertainment -- layout
Michitaka Fujimi -- photo

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US 1992 Interscope EP/CDEP 96116  
UK 1992 Big Cat EP/CDEP ABB-39T/SCD  


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