Crosby & Nash


1972.04       GRAHAM NASH/DAVID CROSBY                 UK.13     US.4 œ

              A1.Southbound Train  A2.Whole Cloth  A3.Blacknotes  A4.Strangers Room  A5.Where

              Will I Be?  A6.Page 43  B1.Frozen Smiles  B2.Games  B3.Girl to Be on My Mind 

              B4.The Wall Song  B5.Immigration Man


(orig lp)     US Atantic SD-7220 [diecut gf/lyrics], UK Atlantic K-50011 [diecut gf/lyrics], JPN

              Atlantic P-8174A [gf/lyrics]

(reiss lp)    UK Atlantic K-50011 [gf], US Atlantic SD-7220 [diecut gf/lyrics/180g]

(reiss cd)    1998: JPN Atlantic AMCY-2093


1972.04       A1.IMMIGRATION MAN  B1.Whole Cloth                 US.36 [5.6.72-9w]

              7:” US Atlantic 45-2873, GER Atlantic ATL-10176


1972.07       A1.SOUTHBOUND TRAIN                                US.99

              B1.The Wall Song

              7:” UK Atlatic K-10192, GER Atlantic 10225


1975.10       WIND ON THE WATER                                  US.6 œ

              1.Carry Me  2.Mama Lion  3.Bittersweet  4.Take the Money and Run  5.Naked in the

              Rain  6.Love Work Out  7.Low Down Payment  8.Cowboy of Dreams  9.Homeward Through

              the Haze  10.Fieldworker  11.To the Last Whale


(orig lp)     US ABC ABCD-902 [lyrics], UK Polydor 2310 428 [lyrics], JPN Polydor MP-2515 [ps]

(orig 8t)     UK Polydor 3801 184

(reiss lp)    US MCA MCA-37007

(reiss cd)    US MCA MCAD-31251, 2000: US MCA 88112043

(reiss cdz)   as MAGIC COLLECTION

              NET Arc MEC-949005


1975.11       A1.CARRY ME  B1.Mama Lion                          US.52 [11.15.76]

              7”: US/CAN ABC 12140, UK/GER Polydor 2001 615


1976.03       A1.TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN


              7”: US ABC 12165


1976.05       A1.LOVE WORK OUT  B1.Bittersweet

              7”: US/CAN ABC 12185


     Crosby, Nash, Craig Doerge, Tim Drummond, Danny Kortchmar, Russell Kunkel, David Lindley.


1976.07       WHISTLING DOWN THE WIRE                            US.26 œ

              Produced by David Crosby & Graham Nash

              A1.Spotlight  A2.Broken Bird  A3.Time After Time  A4.Dancer  A5.Mutiny  B1.J.B.’s

              Blues  B2.Marguerita  B3.Taken at All  B4.Foolish Man  B5.Out of the Darkness


(orig lp)     US ABC ABCD-956 [lyrics], UK/NET Polydor 2310 468 [insert], JPN Polydor MPF-1016

(reiss cd)    2000: US MCA 811 203 [digrem]


1976.07       A1.OUT OF THE DARKNESS                             US.89 [8.7.76-3w]

              B1.Broken Bird

              7”: US ABC 12199


1976.10       A1.SPOTLIGHT  B1.Foolish Man

              7”: US ABC


1977.11       LIVE                                               US.52

              Produced by David Crosby, Graham Nash, Don Gooch & Stephen Barncard

              A1.Immigration Man  A2.Leeshore  A3.I Used to Be a King  A4.Page 43 

              A5.Fieldworker  B1.Simple Man  B2.Foolish Man  B3.Mama Lion  B4.Deja Vu


(orig lp)     US ABC AA-1042 [ps], UK Polydor 2310 565, JPN Polydor MPF-1127 [gf]

(reiss cdx)   w. bonus tracks: 3b.King of the Mountain  8b.Bittersweet

              2000: US MCA 88112052 [digrem]


1978.10       THE BEST OF DAVID CROSBY AND GRAHAM NASH           US.150

              1.Love Work Out  2.The Wall Song  3.Wild Tales  4.Carry Me  5.Out of the Darkness 

              6.Southbound Train  7.Laughing  8.Chicago  9.Bittersweet  10.To the Last Whale


(orig lp)     US ABC AA-1102, 1976?: JPN Polydor MPF-1197 [ps]

(reiss lp)    1980: UK Polydor 2482 490 [diff.cover]


2001          BITTERSWEET


(orig cd)     UK Hallmark


2004          CROSBY - NASH

              A1.Lay Me Down  A2.Puppeteer  A3.Through Here Quite Often  A4.Grace  A5.Jesus of

              Rio  A6.I Surrender  A7.Luck Dragon  A8.On the Other Side of Town  A9.Half Your

              Angels  A10.They Want It All  A11.How Does It Shine?  B1.Don’t Dig Here  B2.Milky

              Way  B3.Charlie  B4.Penguin in a Palm Tree  B5.Michael (Hedges Here)  B6.Samurai 

              B7.Shining on Your Dreams  B8.Live On (The Wall)  B9.My Country ‘Tis of Thee


(orig 2-cd)   UK Sanctuary SANDD-293


2004          1.LAY ME DOWN

              CDSPRO: US Sanctuary SANDJ-85636-2