84683-2 Crosby - Nash
Produced by Nathanial Kunkel, Russ Kunkel,
Graham Nash and David Crosby
Released on August 10, 2004
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84683-2 cover
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K ronomyth 6.0: RE-UNION. This is a merger of CPR and solo Graham Nash under the old banner of Crosby & Nash, which in some ways is like Yes’ Union. Resurrecting the C&N brand has occasioned a few critics to spin the comparison clock back to 1977 (even I was originally going to myth this one WHAT IN THE WORLD), but the operative reference points are the last CPR album and Nash’s Songs For Survivors. Those albums were released only a few years earlier, so any talk about nearly three decades is nonsense. Crosby & Nash (the album the second) is more than a mixture of “mine and yours,” it’s an open partnership. Crosby writes a couple of tracks with Nash’s guitarist Dean Parks (including the clever “Charlie”), Nash writes a track each with James Raymond (“Don’t Dig Here”) and Jeff Pevar (“Jesus of Rio”). Crosby and Nash themselves don’t cowrite a single track, but theirs was never that sort of partnership. The pair met in their harmonies, which here are flawless. I would be surprised (even more than “wow, really, a double disc?” surprised) if some serious doctoring didn’t occur in the mixing of their voices. Again, producers Russell and Nathaniel Kunkel list the recording equipment in Steely Danderful detail (one song, “Puppeteer,” even sounds like a Dan track). Some people (fans, purportedly) have complained that the new Crosby & Nash lacks the fire and energy of the old C&N. That’s like complaining about slightly diminished sensitivity after penis re-attachment surgery. In other words, just be happy they’re back together. This double-disc release was much better than I expected, with some keepers (“Lay Me Down,” “Penguin in a Palm Tree”), sleepers and very few bleepers (the combination of “Michael (Hedges Here)” and “Samurai” on disc two is deadly). As CPR and Survivors showed (and this release confirms), it’s still too early to bury Crosby and Nash. In 2006, Sanctuary released a single-disc distillation of this as Highlights because, apparently, they completely forgot that they had already released the exact same songs two years earlier. String on the finger next time, people.

84683-2 back sleeve
84683-2 back sleeve


    Disc One
  1. LAY ME DOWN    (James Raymond)    3:37
  2. PUPPETEER    (James Raymond)    4:06
  3. THROUGH HERE QUITE OFTEN    (David Crosby/Dean Parks)    4:05
  4. GRACE    (James Raymond)    0:46
  5. JESUS OF RIO    (Graham Nash/Jeff Pevar)    4:12
  6. I SURRENDER    (Marc Cohn)    4:15
  7. LUCK DRAGON    (James Raymond/David Crosby)    4:45
  8. ON THE OTHER SIDE OF TOWN    (Graham Nash)    3:35
  9. HALF YOUR ANGELS    (Graham Nash)    5:05
  10. THEY WANT IT ALL    (David Crosby)    5:35
  11. HOW DOES IT SHINE?    (David Crosby)    5:21

    Disc Two
  12. DON'T DIG HERE    (James Raymond/Graham Nash/Russell Kunkel)    6:10
  13. MILKY WAY TONIGHT    (Graham Nash)    3:25
  14. CHARLIE    (David Crosby/Dean Parks)    3:34
  15. PENGUIN IN A PALM TREE    (Graham Nash)    3:50
  16. MICHAEL (HEDGES HERE)    (Graham Nash)    2:41
  17. SAMURAI    (David Crosby)    1:42
  18. SHINING ON YOUR DREAMS    (Graham Nash/Russell Kunkel)    2:35
  19. LIVE ON (THE WALL)    (Patrick Flannery/Graham Nash/Steve Plunkett/Spencer Proffer)    3:22
  20. MY COUNTRY 'TIS OF THEE    (traditional arr. by Michael Hedges)    1:43


DAVID CROSBY -- vocals, acoustic guitar
GRAHAM NASH -- vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica, electric piano
RUSSELL KUNKEL -- drums, percussion
DEAN PARKS -- electric and acoustic guitars
JEFF PEVAR -- electric and acoustic guitars
JAMES RAYMOND -- keyboards
Luis Conte -- percussion (1.5,1.11)
Dan Dugmore -- pedal steel guitar (2.4)
Steve Farris -- electric guitar (2.4)
Kate Markowitz -- background vocals (2.4)
Arnold McCuller -- background vocals (2.4)
Matt Rollings -- acoustic piano (1.8,2.4,2.5)
Windy Wagner -- background vocals (2.4)
Nathaniel Kunkel -- engineer, mixing
Kinski Gallo -- art direction, photography
Edward Chen -- design
Buzz Person -- photography
Mr. Bonzai -- photography

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US August 10, 2004 Sanctuary 2CD 84683-2  
UK 2004 Sanctuary 2CD SANDD-293  


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