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Released on September 13, 1993
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M y heart lit up when I heard The Cure for the first time, yet my interest in acquiring their catalog has always remained cool. Every album seemed a canvas of impressionist art punctuated by a few recognizable shapes that stuck as singles. Wish brought me back for a long moment (long enough to get suckered into Show anyway). And someone obviously wanted that moment to last, because a pair of double-elpee live releases documented it: Show and Paris. This story is about Show, which I missed and probably didn’t have the patience for to begin with must not end in a preposition. From the edge of the deep, green sea to here is a twisted passage beset by sharp thorns and strange nocturnal noises, so best to stay home unless you have the stomach for this sort of stuff (or a map of Wish and its self-fulfilling ancestors in your head). I did own Wish at a time, but today it’s in better hands with my brother, and I can’t say I wish I had it back except for a couple of songs (“Friday I’m Love,” “A Letter To Elise”). One of those is on here, but it’s too much work for a song about Friday. (And if you’re wondering whether “High” is a high point, it isn’t.) In fact, the tracks that work best are the ones unfettered by strong expectations: “Never Enough,” “From The Edge of the Deep Green Sea,” “End.” Fans may be tickled pink to find themselves at such a deep, full trough of The Cure and wish that every Cure tour had such an homage; the rest of us will use more caution before re-boarding the bandwagon next time. Of Show and Paris, Show is the better homage to Wish, an open and shut case of sweet indulgence. If you wish more for the past, the double-cd version includes three tracks not found on the single CD version; these were repackaged as a maxi-CD single called, cleverly enough, Sideshow.

61551-2 gatefold sleeve 61551-2 back sleeve
61551-2 gatefold sleeve 61551-2 back sleeve


  1. OPEN    (Smith/Gallup/Thompson/Williams/Bamonte)
  2. HIGH    (Smith/Gallup/Thompson/Williams/Bamonte)
  3. PICTURES OF YOU    (Smith/Gallup/Thompson/Williams/O'Donnell/Tolhurst)
  4. LULLABY    (Smith/Gallup/Thompson/Williams/O'Donnell/Tolhurst)
  5. JUST LIKE HEAVEN    (Smith/Gallup/Thompson/Williams/Tolhurst)
  7. A NIGHT LIKE THIS    (Smith)
  8. TRUST    (Smith/Gallup/Thompson/Williams/Bamonte)
  9. DOING THE UNSTUCK    (Smith/Gallup/Thompson/Williams/Bamonte)
  10. *THE WALK
  11. *LET'S GO TO BED
  12. FRIDAY I'M IN LOVE    (Smith/Gallup/Thompson/Williams/Bamonte)
  13. INBETWEEN DAYS    (Smith)
  14. FROM THE EDGE OF THE DEEP GREEN SEA    (Smith/Gallup/Thompson/Williams/Bamonte)
  15. NEVER ENOUGH    (Smith/Gallup/Thompson/Williams)
  16. CUT    (Smith/Gallup/Thompson/Williams/Bamonte)
  17. END    (Smith/Gallup/Thompson/Williams/Bamonte)


PERRY BAMONTE -- guitars and keyboards
SIMON GALLUP -- basses
ROBERT SMITH -- voices and guitars, mixing
PORL THOMPSON -- guitars and keyboards
Bryan "Chuck" New -- mixing

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UK/GER September 13, 1993 Fiction 2LP/2CD/CS FIXH25/519951  
US September 21, 1993 Elektra 2LP/CD*/CS 61551 single CD wo. * tracks


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