GB-10468 Changes
Produced by Ken Scott (assisted by the actor)
Released on December 1971
US CHART POSITION #66 (charted April 15, 1972 for 7 weeks) . . . US RE-CHART POSITION #41 (charted Dec. 7, 1974 for 11 weeks) . . . ROLLING STONE TOP 500 SONGS: #127
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GB-10468 wo. picture sleeve
[high resolution scan]

B owie’s second album didn’t contain a hit single, so it was up to Hunky Dory and “Changes” to reaffirm the point that here was a young hitmaker worth watching. (Ziggy would soon render the point moot.) It’s something of a music hall anthem, a style Bowie would revisit for “All The Young Dudes.” The 1975 Gold Standard reissue misnumbers the track time at 2:32; it’s identical to the elpee version so the actual track time is closer to the original three-and-a-half minutes (confirmed by watching the clock closely while it played). The flip side, “Andy Warhol,” is probably right on with its track time of 3:03 as it omits the weird banter between the actor and the engineer that appears on the elpee version. And, yes, the single charted twice in the US: in 1972 and again in 1974. Here's one for the "oh, how times change" files. On March 2, 2004 while watching "Conan The Barbarian" (terrific flick), I was treated to a Fidelity Investments commercial which used the song "Changes." I understand that artists reserve the right to sell their songs to whom they may, but c'mon. Fidelity Investments? Dammit! What's really being sold is the brand loyalty that followers have invested in the music, and any artist who pretends otherwise is fooling themselves. Fidelity is targeting a specific demographic with that music, which they hope will shed a favorable light on their advertising, and the artist is complicit in the act whether they like it or not. Great song, though.


  1. CHANGES    (David Bowie)    2:32 (misnumber)
  2. ANDY WARHOL    (David Bowie)    3:03

    1999 jukebox 7-inch single


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UK December 1971 RCA 7" 2160  
US December 1971 RCA 7" 74-0605 orange label
US/CAN November? 1974 RCA 7" 74-0605 tan label reissue
US 1975 RCA 7" GB-10468 Gold Standard black label reissue
US 1999 Virgin 7PRO 58833-7 for jukebox only


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