B-8177 Modern Love
Produced by David Bowie-Nile Rodgers
Released on September 1983
UK CHART POSITION #2 (charted Sept. 24, 1983 for 8 weeks) . . .
US CHART POSITION #14 (charted Sept. 17, 1983 for 13 weeks)
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B-8177 w. picture sleeve
[high resolution scan]

K ronomyth 19.3: THE PRETTIEST STARVE. The beautiful glambabies, spoonfed on the nectar of gilded saxophone solos, watched in horror as the instrument belched forth only surrealistic smokestack solos during the Berlin years. And then, suddenly, their thin white duke came acourting again with golden instrument in hand, singing of love. To my mind, “Modern Love” is a throwback to “The Prettiest Star,” “Soul Love” and the Ziggy days when sweetly strangled voices and asthmatic saxophone transcended their own earthly imperfections to ascend in paired flight. Of course, Ziggy was dead, and “Modern Love” is a different David (when isn’t he?), but as the opening track from Let’s Dance it was though he had arrived at the door with flowers. The A side is an edited version of the single (fifty seconds shorter) while the B side is a nonalbum live version of “Modern Love” recorded that summer in Montreal during the Serious Moonlight tour which (perhaps predictably) pales next to the original studio version.


  1. MODERN LOVE    (David Bowie)    3:56
  2. MODERN LOVE (LIVE VERSION)    (David Bowie)    3:43


Bob Clearmountain -- mixing (1)
Nile Rodgers & Jason Corsaro -- mixing (2)
Henry Marquez -- art direction
Denis O'Regan -- photography
Mike Diehl -- design

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UK September 1983 EMI America 7"/12 EA/12EA-158 picture sleeve
US/CAN September 1983 EMI America 7"/12 B-8177/7811 picture sleeve
AUSL 1983 EMI America 7" AMI-1101  
GER/NET 1983 EMI America 7" 1C/1A 006 186762-7 picture sleeve
JPN 1983 EMI America 7" EYS-17043 picture sleeve
NZ 1983 EMI America 7" F-8177  


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