EKS 75007 Morrison Hotel
Produced by Paul A. Rothchild
Released on February 1970
US CHART POSITION #4 . . . GOLD RECORD (2/23/70), PLATINUM (11/15/01) . . . UK CHART POSITION #12
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EKS 75007 cover
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A fter several albums that found Morrison’s influence shrinking within the band, the singer reasserts himself as the principal dynamic force on the aptly titled Morrison Hotel. It’s not hard to hear why many felt this was a return to their blues-based debut -- the opening “Roadhouse Blues” rumbles and roars like nothing since it. The album is actually divided into two halves: the first, subtitled “Hard Rock Café,” is by far the better half, with the powerful psychedelia of “Waiting for the Sun,” the politically charged “Peace Frog,” the masterfully smooth “Blue Sunday” and the straightahead blues of “You Make Me Real.” On the second side, which shares the album’s title, the songs settle into storytelling that are less electrically charged but still interesting. “The Spy” slinks like its namesake, “Indian Summer” floats along like a raft on a slow current, but only “Maggie M’Gill” summons the singer’s dark vocal powers. There are a few clunkers on here -- “Ship of Fools” and “Land Ho!” in particular haven’t aged so well -- but Morrison’s performance rights what might have been, material-wise, a listing ship. Apparently, The Doors realized that strings and psychedelic arrangements were no match for Morrison’s raw magnetism, and Morrison Hotel is the better album for it.

EKS 75007 inner gatefold EKS 75007 back cover
EKS 75007 inner gatefold EKS 75007 back cover


  1. ROADHOUSE BLUES    (Jim Morrison/The Doors)    4:04
  2. WAITING FOR THE SUN    (Jim Morrison)    3:58
  3. YOU MAKE ME REAL    (Jim Morrison)    2:50
  4. PEACE FROG    (Jim Morrison/Robbie Krieger)    2:52
  5. BLUE SUNDAY    (Jim Morrison)    2:08
  6. SHIP OF FOOLS    (Jim Morrison/Robbie Krieger)    3:06
  7. LAND HO!    (Jim Morrison/Robbie Krieger)    4:08
  8. THE SPY    (Jim Morrison)    4:15
  9. QUEEN OF THE HIGHWAY    (Jim Morrison/Robbie Krieger)    2:47
  10. INDIAN SUMMER    (Jim Morrison/Robbie Krieger)    2:33
  11. MAGGIE M'GILL    (Jim Morrison/The Doors)    4:24


RAY MANZAREK -- piano & organ
JIM MORRISON -- vocals
Ray Neopolitan -- bass
Lonnie Mack -- bass (1,11)
G. Puglese -- harp (1)
Bruce Botnick -- engineer
Gary Burden -- design
Henry Diltz -- photography

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US February 1970 Elektra LP EKS 75007 gatefold cover, red label
FRA 1970 Elektra/Vogue LP SLVLXEK497  
US 1973 Elektra LP EKS-75007 gatefold cover, butterfly label
JPN   Elektra LP P-10502E gatefold, lyric insert
CAN   Elektra CS TC5 75007  
AUS'L   Elektra CS 610994  
MEX   Elektra LP LWE-5051  
YUG 1979 Suzy LP ELK42080  
JPN 1980 Elektra LP P-6415E gatefold, lyric insert
UK/GER 1980s Elektra LP K42080 gatefold cover
  1982 Elektra CS 462034 repackaged w. L.A. WOMAN
UK   Elektra CD/CS 60675  
US May 24, 1988 Elektra CD 75007  
UK 2000 WEA Int'l CD 62552 digital remaster
JPN   Elektra CD WPCR-11605 digital remaster
RUS   CD Maximum 2CD 378/9 repackaged w. ALIVE SHE CRIED + ABSOLUTELY LIVE
GER 2003 Elektra LP 60675 gatefold, 180g vinyl


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