MJR032 Never Pet A Burning Dog
Produced by douBt
Released on March 16, 2010
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A weird and sometimes wild one-off trio (quartet when you consider Caravan’s Richard Sinclair) filled with black notes, disaggregated soloing and a couple of proggy numbers that make mucking through the mire of Lydian Chromatic Theory not so terribly dull and awful. Mind you, the first couple of times I heard this, I resisted it. Then again, douBt’s debut had the initial misfortune of appearing in my car’s CD changer after ProjeKCt Two’s Space Groove. Small wonder I didn’t steer the car into oncoming traffic somewhere around “Sea.” What sustains me during this disc are the proggier sections: the mindstorm laced with vintage mellotron magic (“Cosmic Surgery”), the Cantebury-styled “Corale di San Luca” and the silly, strangely spectral “Passing Cloud” featuring Sinclair’s sleepy English voice. Otherwise Burning Dog is a difficult disc. When the heroes are Beppe Crovella and Terje Rypdal, it’s a given that you’ll be battling some strange monsters. Alex Maguire tests the limits of my listening abilities with what sounds like a Fender Rhodes played through a blown speaker, while Tony Bianco follows the beat of a different drummer on a different planet playing a different song. You know you’ve collected a strange trio when the guy from the avant-garde Belgian jazz-fusion band (The Wrong Object’s Michel Delville) is the “normal” one. Although I warm up to Burning Dog a little more each time, this is definitely something for the intellectually liberated free-jazz set. “Noisy” is the word that comes to mind most often, so tread carefully little lambs or be trampled by douBt’s freewheelin’ communion of chaos.


  1. CORALE DI SAN LUCA    (Alex Maguire)    3:05
  2. LAUGHTER    (Alex Maguire)    6:25
  3. OVER BIRKEROT    (Terje Rypdal, arr. by Michel Delville)    8:53
  4. SEA    (Tony Bianco)    7:57
  5. PASSING CLOUD    (Alex Maguire/Richard Sinclair)    4:08
  6. COSMIC SURGERY    (Michel Delville)    6:45
  7. AEON    (Tony Bianco)    7:28
  8. BEPPE'S SHELTER    (Michel Delville)    8:16


TONY BIANCO -- drums
MICHEL DELVILLE -- electric guitar, Roland GR-09
ALEX MAGUIRE -- Fender Rhodes piano, Hammond organ, mellotron, synth
Richard Sinclair -- vocals (1,5), bass guitar (1,2)
Mattia Garimanno -- engineer, mixing
David Minjauw -- postproduction
Leonardo Pavkovic -- executive producer, additional graphics
Marc Atkins -- cityscape photos and title graphics
Danilo Sala -- band photo

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US March 16, 2010 Moonjune CD MJR032  


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