5E-508 The Long Run
Produced by Bill Szymczyk
Released on September 24, 1979
US CHART POSITION #1 . . . GOLD RECORD (2/1/80), 7x PLATINUM (3/20/01)
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5E-508 cover
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T he long-awaited followup to Hotel California was a commercial triumph and, thus, a critical disappointment (critics had been planning the band’s comeuppance for years). The Long Run is a slick record rather than a fussed-over masterpiece, the disco album in their discography, but critics mistakenly tipped their hand when they declared The Long Run lacking. With more than half of the album entrenched in regular radio rotation, what more could anyone want? Fans were delighted, but critics secretly knew that the band was capable of producing a perfect album, and The Long Run isn’t perfect. The expectations were so high for the album that mediocrity would be challenged, and critics crept into the holes (“King of Hollywood,” “Teenage Jail”) to attack that mediocrity from the inside. What music critics really wanted was to put the ‘70s to bed with the ‘70s. It’s an Oedipal culture after all, and the ‘80s had their own ascendancy in mind, right after they dispensed with the standing heads of the household: Eagles, Steve Miller Band, Queen, Steely Dan. Circle of Love and Gaucho deserved the drubbing, but The Long Run and The Game are very good records. I give the Eagles a lot of credit for changing with the times; if it were any other product, we’d call the company innovative. They had one helluva run and went out with a bang, the subsequent live album being for all intents no more than a tremor attributable to rigor mortis. I’d discount the negative reviews you read of The Long Run as the lies of little dark men itching to give a eulogy and listen to this for yourself.

5E-508 inner gatefold 5E-508 back cover
5E-508 inner gatefold 5E-508 back cover


  1. THE LONG RUN    (Don Henley/Glenn Frey)    3:42
  2. I CAN'T TELL YOU WHY    (Timothy B. Schmit/Don Henley/Glenn Frey)    4:56
  3. IN THE CITY    (Joe Walsh/Barry De Vorzon)    3:46
  4. THE DISCO STRANGLER    (Don Felder/Don Henley/Glenn Frey)    2:46
  5. KING OF HOLLYWOOD    (Don Henley/Glenn Frey)    6:28
  6. HEARTACHE TONIGHT    (Don Henley/Glenn Frey/Bob Seger/J.D. Souther)    4:26
  7. THOSE SHOES    (Don Felder/Don Henley/Glenn Frey)    4:56
  8. TEENAGE JAIL    (Don Henley/Glenn Frey/J.D. Souther)    3:44
  9. THE GREEKS DON'T WANT NO FREAKS    (Don Henley/Glenn Frey)    2:20
  10. THE SAD CAFÉ    (Don Henley/Glenn Frey/Joe Walsh/J.D. Souther)    5:35


DON FELDER -- guitar, organ, guitar solo, talk box guitar
GLENN FREY -- lead vocals, guitar, guitar solos, synthesizer solo
DON HENLEY -- lead vocals, drums
TIMOTHY B. SCHMIT -- bass, lead vocal (2)
JOE WALSH -- guitar, slide guitar, guitar solos, lead vocal (3), talk box guitar
The Monstertones featuring Jimmy Buffett -- background vocals (9)
David Sanborn -- alto saxophone solo (10)
Bill Szymczyk -- engineer, mixing
Ed "Radar" Mashal -- engineer
Jim Shea -- Eagles photography
Jann Zlotkin -- photograph of Bill Szymczyk
Kosh -- design & art direction

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US/AUS'L September 24, 1979 Asylum LP/CS/8T 5E/5C5/5T8-508 gatefold, picture sleeve
UK September 1979 Asylum LP/CS K/K4 52181 gatefold, picture sleeve
BRA 1979 Elektra LP 6709 300 gatefold cover
CAN 1979 Asylum LP/CS X5E/XTC5-508 gatefold, picture sleeve
GER/NET 1979 Asylum LP AS 52181 gatefold, picture sleeve
SPA 1979 Asylum LP S90.184 gatefold, picture sleeve
US 1986 Asylum CD 508  
WW   Asylum CD 60560 digital remaster
JPN   Elektra CD WPCR-11566 digital remaster
JPN October 12, 2004 Asylum CD WPCR-11937 digital remaster


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