AS-11008 Witchy Woman
Produced by Glyn Johns
Released on September 1972
US CHART POSITION #0 (charted Sept. 9, 1972 for 13 weeks)
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AS-11008 wo. picture sleeve
[high resolution scan]

A fter hearing this single, I would have said The Eagles were headed for a short flight. When an AMG reviewer wrote that “Witchy Woman” began a “career-long examination of supernaturally evil females,” I remember thinking that was pretty observant, instantly conjuring “Hotel California” in my head. But then I had trouble coming up with another Eagles song about a supernatural, evil female, and wondered if maybe I hadn’t been duped too quickly. Always things to watch out for in the forest. I never liked “Witchy Woman” any more than I liked “Take Me I’m Yours” from Squeeze’s first elpee (which I didn’t), but as with both albums it looks brilliant next to something like “Earlybird.” I wonder if that’s the first Eagles/Squeeze comparison anyone has ever made? Really, I should find something better to do with my time. If you haven’t anything better to do with yours, there’s more on the song “Witchy Woman” at Songfacts.


  1. WITCHY WOMAN    (Don Henley/Bernie Leadon)    3:53
  2. EARLYBIRD    (Bernie Leadon/Randy Meisner)    3:00


Glyn Johns -- engineer

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US September 1972 Asylum 7" AS-11008  
US 1972 Asylum 7PRO AS-11008 feat. A mono on flip
UK September 1972 Asylum 7" YAYM508  
BRA 1972 Asylum 7" 7AY1005  


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