no image available Can't Get It Out Of My Head
Produced by Jeff Lynne
Released on June 1974
US CHART POSITION #9 (charted Dec. 21, 1974 for 16 weeks)
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T his song includes the lyric "walking on a wave's chicane," which I haven't been able to get out of my head. You see, "chicane" is the same as chicanery (i.e., trickery), so the line doesn't hold water. Oh well, it's a great track, arguably the best of the early hits. The flip side is the suitably self-important (in name) "Illusions In G Major" -- suitable insofar as the album it came from (Eldorado) was subtitled a symphony. This was the first ELO single to break the US Top 10. (A later addition: I'm listening to the ELO Part II Greatest Hits Live please don't sue our ass for using the name ELO disc, and the lyric sung here is "standing on a wave she came," which makes way more sense. So maybe the original line in the lyric sleeve was a typo, or Kelly Groucutt owns a dictionary.)


  1. CAN'T GET IT OUT OF MY HEAD    (Jeff Lynne)
  2. ILLUSIONS IN G MAJOR    (Jeff Lynne)


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EUR June 1974 Warner Bros. 7" K16510  
US 1974 United Artists 7PRO XW 573 promo w. A mono on flip
US/CAN December 1974 United Artists 7" XW 573 picture sleeve



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