JZ 35528 Olé ELO
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Released on June 1976
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JZ 35528 cover
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O h, come to daddy, that’s a terrible album cover. Kind of like Country Life gone horribly wrong. (While I’m thinking of it, doesn’t “Roll Over Beethoven” remind you of Roxy? And doesn’t “Downed” remind you of “10538 Overture?”) Ole ELO draws the best bits from the band’s first five studio albums, which as it turned out was a case of premature encapsulation. It’s actually a rare occurrence: the greatest hits harvest come home early. Steve Miller Band’s Anthology comes to mind, an example where the label pulled the trigger a little too quick. By the end of the ‘70s, ELO had re-written their own history and written over songs like “10538 Overture,” “Kuiama” and “Boy Blue” (which is actually my favorite track on here). Though it charted well, Ole ELO went out of print, replaced by ELO’s Greatest Hits. It’s something of a collectible today, but not much of one. The main attraction for collectors is a slightly edited version of “Kuiama” and the single version of “Roll Over Beethoven.” Oddly, the label mistakenly lists the original album track times for these while the back cover has the correct, edited times. Master of Time that I am with my stopwatch, I can confirm that the back cover times are correct. And where would you be without me? Skipping in the sunlight instead of sitting in front of your computer, you say? Then stop reading this review and go out in the sun! And don’t you dare turn on the television on your way out the door. Electric light, my rosy bottom, when there’s a whole hydrogen star dying to get your attention.

JZ 35528 back cover
JZ 35528 back cover


  1. 10538 OVERTURE    5:25
  2. KUIAMA    9:08
  3. ROLL OVER BEETHOVEN    (Chuck Berry)    4:31
  4. SHOWDOWN    4:12
  5. MA-MA-MA BELLE    3:35
  6. CAN'T GET IT OUT OF MY HEAD    4:26
  7. BOY BLUE    4:12
  8. EVIL WOMAN    4:15
  9. STRANGE MAGIC    4:05

    All songs written by Jeff Lynne unless noted


Greg Lewerke -- album concept
Ria Lewerke -- art direction & album design
Moshe Brakha -- photography

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US June 1976 United Artists LP/8T LA-630-G/EA-630-H  
US 1976 United Artists LPPRO SP 123 gold vinyl promo
AUS'L 1976 Jet LP JT6011  
BRA   Epic LP 131005 cover w. yellow/red border
CAN 1976 Jet LP PZ 35465  
GER/NET/SPA 1976 Jet LP LP903  
US   Jet LP JZ 35528  


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