SD 19255 Emerson, Lake & Palmer In Concert
production credits unknown
Released on October 1979
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SD 19255 cover
[high resolution photo]

T hey welcomed back their friends for one more show
to sing of recent Works and twice-told tales
the Knife Edge might have grown a little dull
and Peter Gunn unsheathed to small avail
but living legends call the enemy god
draw forth the Pictures from their proud museum
lament that “c’est la vie” for every bard
and please the stalwart souls who came to see them
But thinking that the gift might be too poor
The show was double stuffed in ninety three
with seven extra songs at double score
That seems to be the one to own (to me).

SD 19255 back cover SD 19255 inner sleeve
SD 19255 back cover SD 19255 inner sleeve


  1. INTRODUCTORY FANFARE    (Keith Emerson/Carl Palmer)    0:51
  2. PETER GUNN    (Henry Mancini)    3:30
  3. TIGER IN A SPOTLIGHT    (Keith Emerson/Greg Lake/Carl Palmer/Peter Sinfield)    3:59
  4. C'EST LA VIE    (Greg Lake/Peter Sinfield)    4:06
  5. THE ENEMY GOD (Dances With The Black Spirits) (Excerpt from "The Scythian Suite" 2nd Movement)    (Sergei Prokofieff)    2:39
  6. KNIFE EDGE (excerpt from "Sinfonietta" by Janacek)    (Keith Emerson/Greg Lake)    4:47
  7. PIANO CONCERTO NO. 1 (Third Movement: Toccata Con Fuoco)    (Keith Emerson)    6:26
  8. PICTURES AT AN EXHIBITION    (Modest Mussorgsky/Keith Emerson/Greg Lake/Carl Palmer)    15:29


KEITH EMERSON -- keyboards, mixing
GREG LAKE -- vocals, bass, guitar
CARL PALMER -- drums, percussion
Godfrey Salmon -- conductor
Orchestra -- orchestra
Michael Leveillee -- sound engineer
Neil Preston -- inner sleeve photo
Francois Rivard -- cover photography
Bob Defrin -- art director

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UK October 1979 Atlantic LP/CS K 50652 picture sleeve
US October 1979 Atlantic LP/CS/8T SD/CS/TP 19255 picture sleeve
ARG   Atlantic LP 208702  
BRA 1979 WEA LP 30119  
CAN 1979 Atlantic LP QSD 19255 picture sleeve
GER/NET 1979 Ariola LP 200 852 picture sleeve
JPN 1979 Pioneer LP P-10697A insert
US   Atlantic CD 19255  
JPN   Victory CD VICP-60644  


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