SD 2-7000 Works Volume 1
Produced by Keith Emerson, Greg Lake, Carl Palmer, Peter Sinfield
Released on March 17, 1977
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SD 2-7000 cover  

E LP returned from an extended hiatus in 1977, sweetly oblivious to the fact that progressive rock was on the decline. Many bought the double-elpee set just the same (temporarily forgetting the substantial investment that Welcome Back was) to find that Works Volume 1 was in fact three sides of solo music fused together with a token “band” side at the end. No doubt it’s this sort of tinkering with the affection of fans that resulted in the backlash against the band in later years. For their trouble, the faithful were treated to predictably ambitious classical rock: Keith Emerson’s Piano Concerto No. 1, jazz and classical rock hybrids from Carl Palmer, a handful of winning ballads from Greg Lake, and two extended works credited to ELP at the end. Sure, it all requires a little patience, but the rewards are manifold: the second and third movements in Emerson’s concerto, the familiar “C’est La Vie” and the undiscovered “Nobody Loves You Like I Do,” Palmer’s playful “Two Part Invention in D Minor,” the band’s arrangement of Aaron Copland’s “Fanfare for the Common Man,” and the last great epic in their oeuvre, “Pirates.” Because this album plays up the band’s classical aspirations, it may alienate some listeners (e.g., those that felt Pictures At An Exhibition was an unnecessary exercise). The side from Greg Lake deflates the album’s pretensions somewhat, but even his ballads go over the top sometimes (“Closer to Believing” is a little precious, for example). And Emerson’s piano concerto sounds to these ears like a pastiche of ideas rather than a traditionally structured piano concerto where you might expect the piano to introduce and expound on a dominant theme. Likewise, the band’s extended take on “Fanfare” will test the limits of most listeners (the edited single version at least recognizes the ephemeral novelty factor of the idea). Ultimately Works Volume 1 succeeds at sounding like an ELP album rather than a collection of solo material. It’s not the tour-de-force of a Tarkus, Trilogy or Brain Salad Surgery, but a longing gaze at a band many loved (and many loved to hate). It’s ambitious, brilliant in fits, tiresome in patches, and unrepentantly emerson, lake and palmer.

SD 2-7000 inner trifold SD 2-7000 back cover
SD 2-7000 inner trifold SD 2-7000 back cover


    record one
  1. PIANO CONCERTO NO. 1    (Keith Emerson, orch. by Keith Emerson/John Mayer)
    First Movement: Allegro Giojoso    9:18
    Second Movement: Andante Molto Cantabile    2:09
    Third Movement: Toccata Con Fuoco    6:50
  2. LEND YOUR LOVE TO ME TONIGHT    (Greg Lake/Peter Sinfield)    4:00
  3. C'EST LA VIE    (Greg Lake/Peter Sinfield)    4:17
  4. HALLOWED BE THY NAME    (Greg Lake/Peter Sinfield)    4:35
  5. NOBODY LOVES YOU LIKE I DO    (Greg Lake/Peter Sinfield)    3:56
  6. CLOSER TO BELIEVING    (Greg Lake/Peter Sinfield)    5:34

    record two
  7. THE ENEMY GOD DANCES WITH THE BLACK SPIRITS (Excerpt from "The Scythian Suite" 2nd Movement)    (Sergei Prokofieff)    3:16
  8. L.A. NIGHTS    (Carl Palmer/Keith Emerson)    5:42
  9. NEW ORLEANS    (Carl Palmer)    2:45
  10. TWO PART INVENTION IN D MINOR    (J.S. Bach, percussion arr. by Carl Palmer, strings arr. by Harry South)    1:53
  11. FOOD FOR YOUR SOUL    (Carl Palmer/Harry South)    3:58
  12. TANK    (Keith Emerson/Carl Palmer, transcribed by Keith Emerson/Harry South)    5:09
  13. FANFARE FOR THE COMMON MAN    (Aaron Copland)    9:38
  14. PIRATES    (Keith Emerson/Greg Lake/Peter Sinfield, orchestration by Keith Emerson/John Mayer, arr. by Keith Emerson/Greg Lake/Carl Palmer)    13:20


KEITH EMERSON -- Steinway piano, keyboards, Yamaha GX-1
GREG LAKE -- vocals, bass, guitar
CARL PALMER -- drums, xylophone, timpani, vibraphone
James Blades -- marimba
Tony Harris -- orchestral arrangements
Andy Hendriksen -- tuned percussion
London Philharmonic Orchestra -- orchestra (1)
John Mayer -- conductor (1)
The Orchestra de l'Opera de Paris -- orchestra (14)
Godfrey Salmon -- orchestra & choir conductor, orchestral arrangements
John Timperley -- tuned percussion, sound engineer
Joe Walsh -- guitar and scat vocal (2)
Roger Cameron -- sound engineer
David Montgomery, Kenny Smith, Alex Grob -- photography
Ashley Newton -- art direction
Ian Murray -- design and art work

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UK March 17, 1977 Atlantic 2LP/2CS K/K4 80009 trifold cover
US/CAN March 17, 1977 Atlantic 2LP/2CS SD 2-7000 trifold cover
GER 1977 Ariola 2LP 28614  
US   Atlantic 2CD/2CS SD/CS 2-7000  
US Nov/Dec 1993 Victory 2CD/2CS 84002  
UK 1996 Essential 2CD ESM 360  
US May 21, 1996 Rhino 2CD 72229  



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