BFR 39875 Adventure Time
Produced by Adrian Belew
Released on 1985
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BFR 39875 cover
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T hese Nick Lowe-soundalikes delivered a terrific power pop album with Adventure Time, but timing is everything and power pop was passe by 1985. If your record collection contains a few records by Lowe, Rockpile or Ian Gomm, a travel back in time may be in order. The Elvis Brothers’ aim is unfailing; any song on here could have been a hit. The reggae-inflected “Don’t Take My Guns Away” (which recalls Joe Jackson) and “Somebody Call The Police” (suggesting Cheap Trick, with whom they shared a manager) were actually released as singles but made no commercial inroads. You could just as easily make a case for “I Wonder Why,” “Akiko Shinoda” or “Burnin’ Desire” as shouldabeen hits, since they hold their own with anything from Lowe. Produced by guitarist extraordinaire (and closet pop-o-phile) Adrian Belew, Adventure Time occasionally crosses over into The Bears’ territory (“Holy Moly,” “Chin Up”), though guitarist Rob Elvis is no speed freak. Instead, Belew’s is a light touch, giving the songs a clean, crisp sound and ensuring that things move smoothly and briskly. Few power pop records move this quickly and pleasantly; Labour of Love and Heaven Tonight come to mind, which may be all the endorsement fans of the genre need. If you’re looking for Belew’s patented guitar distortion, you’ll find it on “Chin Up” (it’s possible the lead is a Belew cameo, though he’s not credited with playing on the album). You’ll read a lot of reviews that promise undiscovered gems in the power pop vein, but Adventure Time is the real deal. Unfortunately, The Elvis Brothers left the building following this album (they did return in 1993 to release Now Dig This). What they left behind is a late landmark in the power pop field, showing off good range (just check out the remarkably credible rockabilly of “Big Ideas”) and the tightest ten tracks this side of East Side Story.

BFR 39875 back cover BFR 39875 picture sleeve
BFR 39875 back cover BFR 39875 picture sleeve


  1. BURNIN' DESIRE    (Rob Elvis)    2:56
  2. SOMEBODY CALL THE POLICE    (Graham Elvis)    3:43
  3. DON'T TAKE MY GUNS AWAY    (Rob Elvis)    4:17
  4. HOLY MOLY    (Graham Elvis)    2:52
  5. CROSSWINDS    (Graham Elvis)    2:45
  6. COUNT TO THREE    (Brad Elvis)    3:47
  7. I WONDER WHY    (Rob Elvis)    2:35
  8. AKIKO SHINODA    (Graham Elvis)    3:57
  9. CHIN UP    (Graham Elvis)    2:25
  10. BIG IDEAS    (Brad Elvis/Rob Elvis)    3:21


BRAD ELVIS -- drums
GRAHAM ELVIS -- vocals & bass
ROB ELVIS -- vocals & guitars
John Boylan -- additional production
George Tutko -- additional production, mixing
Gary Platt -- engineer
Chris Austopchuk -- art direction
Larry Williams -- photography

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US October 1995 Recession CDX 54246 repackaged w. MOVIN' UP


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