RX-1-3095 Another Ticket
Produced by Tom Dowd
Released on February 1981
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RX-1-3095 cover
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J ust another Clapton album on the surface, though things were apparently falling apart underneath. As with most of the middle-pack Clapton records, Another Ticket has its supporters and detractors. Though I’ve read that Clapton had to scrap the initial Glyn Johns sessions and start over with producer Tom Dowd, the album doesn’t sound like a rushed effort. Clapton writes much of the material, including career keepers like “Another Ticket” and “I Can’t Stand It.” The rest of the album is solid but unspectacular. You’ll find the blues covers (“Blow Wind Blow,” “Floating Bridge”), ballads (“Black Rose”), country songs (“Hold Me Lord”) and mid-tempo rockers (“Something Special”) that turn up on most Clapton records. Worth noting is the backing band, which includes guitarist Albert Lee, Gary Brooker (Procol Harum), Chris Stainton (Alan Parsons Project) and the well-traveled rhythm section of Dave Markee and Henry Spinetti. As with Money and Cigarettes, Another Ticket is a watertight ship, its listing leader notwithstanding. Clapton’s voice is creaky in spots (perhaps conceding as much, Clapton copyrighted the new songs under the name Throat Music Ltd.), Albert Lee a convenient crutch, but the template so firmly in place that all you need do is wind these fellers up and watch them run. Another Ticket is notable for being his last record with RSO, ending their longstanding affiliation (they would continue to issue compilations over the years). I’ve sadly not encountered a Clapton record that really lit a fire under me, though they’re all enjoyable on some level. For every album, there are those listeners who will declare it undervalued; I’ll save my declaration for Money and Cigarettes right now.

RX-1-3095 back cover RX-1-3095 lyric sleeve
RX-1-3095 back cover RX-1-3095 lyric sleeve


  1. SOMETHING SPECIAL    (Eric Clapton)    2:36
  2. BLACK ROSE    (Troy Seals/Eddie Setser)    3:47
  3. BLOW WIND BLOW    (McKinley Morganfield)    2:59
  4. ANOTHER TICKET    (Eric Clapton)    5:50
  5. I CAN'T STAND IT    (Eric Clapton)    4:08
  6. HOLD ME LORD    (Eric Clapton)    3:27
  7. FLOATING BRIDGE    (Sleepy John Estes)    6:33
  8. CATCH ME IF YOU CAN    (Eric Clapton/Gary Brooker)    4:24
  9. RITA MAE    (Eric Clapton)    5:02


ERIC CLAPTON -- guitar & vocals
GARY BROOKER -- keyboards & vocals
ALBERT LEE -- guitar & vocals
DAVE MARKEE -- bass guitar
HENRY SPINETTI -- drums & percussion
CHRIS STAINTON -- keyboards
Tom Dowd -- engineer
Rob O'Connor -- design & art direction
Alan Dempsey -- handlettering
Steve Sandon -- photography

UK February 1981 RSO LP RSD 5008 lyric sleeve
US February 1981 RSO LP/CS/8T RX/CTX/8TX-1-3095 lyric sleeve
CAN 1981 RSO LP RS-1-3095  
JPN 1981 RSO LP 28MW-0006 lyric insert
WW 1981 RSO LP/CS 2394/3216 295  
YUG   RTB LP ST 222057  
US   Polydor CD/CS 827 579  
WW September 3, 1996 Polydor CD 531 830 digital remaster
JPN   Polydor CD UICY-2333 20-bit digital remaster
JPN 1998 Polydor CD POCP-9127 digital remaster
JPN   Polydor CD UICY-9166 digital remaster


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