25476-2 August
Produced by Phil Collins in association with Tom Dowd
(Track 1 produced by Tom Dowd and Eric Clapton)
Released on November 24, 1986
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25476-2 back cover

K ronomyth 16.0: HELLO, AUGUST BE GOING. Sorry about the cover scan, but this is all that remained: one single sheet. Same thing happened to the We Can’t Dance CD I bought, both of them probably torn apart to the sound of “Collins, you pasty motherf*cker!” or something like that. Me, I actually like Phil Collins. I kinda like Eric Clapton too, but I tend to keep them in separate buckets. Collins makes cookie-cutter pop music with synthesizers and horns. Clapton makes rock, rhythm & blues that run hot and cold. August is cookie-cutter rock, rhythm & blues with synthesizers and horns. In other words, product with some good patches: “It’s In The Way That You Use It,” “Run,” “Miss You.” No complaints there. But I wonder how may people buy Eric Clapton albums to hear him sing middle-of-the-road pop music. (The answer, in case you’re wondering, is more than half a million, but you could sell half a million commemorative plates in this country too if you put Phil Collins’ face on it. On the bottom of the plate, that is.) Like Behind The Sun before it (behind it?), August is a softening of the guitar god for MOR audiences. However, there are a few interesting turns on here, including a funky duet with Tina Turner (“Turner, you nonpasty motherf*cker!” cries the Troll, but he’s too late) and an awesome cover of a Yellow Magic Orchestra song, “Behind The Mask.” That’s right, Yellow Magic Orchestra. Bet you didn’t see that coming. I enjoy most of August, but it’s a hybrid of Collins and Clapton. Clapton fans will probably prefer less Spam in the diet, in which case they can cycle back to Money And Cigarettes.


  1. IT'S IN THE WAY THAT YOU USE IT    (Eric Clapton/Robbie Robertson)    4:09
  2. RUN    (Lamont Dozier)    3:38
  3. TEARING US APART    (Eric Clapton/Greg Phillinganes)    4:14
  4. BAD INFLUENCE    (Robert Cray/Michael Vannice)    5:06
  5. WALK AWAY    (Marcy Levy/Richard Feldman)    3:51
  6. HUNG UP ON YOUR LOVE    (Lamont Dozier)    3:42
  7. TAKE A CHANCE    (Eric Clapton/Greg Phillinganes/Nathan East)    4:52
  8. HOLD ON    (Eric Clapton/Phil Collins)    4:55
  9. MISS YOU    (Eric Clapton/Greg Phillinganes/Bobby Columby)    5:03
  10. HOLY MOTHER    (Eric Clapton/Stephen Bishop)    4:53
  11. BEHIND THE MASK    (Chris Mosdell/Ryuichi Sakamoto/Michael Jackson)    4:46
  12. (CD bonus track:) GRAND ILLUSION    (Dave Robbins/Van Stephenson/Bob Farrell)    6:22


ERIC CLAPTON -- guitar, vocals
PHIL COLLINS -- drums, percussion, backing vocals
NATHAN EAST -- bass guitar
GREG PHILLINGANES -- keyboards, vocals
Dave Bargeron -- trombone
Michael Brecker -- saxophone
Randy Brecker -- trumpet
Gary Brooker -- keyboards and vocals (1)
Laurence Cottle -- bass (1)
Richard Cottle -- synthesizer (1)
Jon Faddis -- trumpet
Richard Feldman -- additional keyboards (5)
Katie Kissoon -- backing vocals
Magic Moreno -- backing vocals (7), engineer
Tessa Niles -- backing vocals
Leon Pendarvis -- horn arrangements
Henry Spinetti -- drums (1)
Tina Turner -- vocals (3), backing vocals (8)
Paul Gommersall -- engineer
Peter Hefter -- engineer
Steve Chase -- engineer (1)
John Jacobs -- engineer (1)
Terry O'Neill -- photography

UK November 24, 1986 Duck LP/CS WX-71/C gatefold cover
US November 24, 1986 Warner Bros. LP/CDX/CS 25476-1/2/4 gatefold cover
BRA 1986 Reprise LP 6709 236  
GER 1986 Duck/Warner Bros. LP/CDX 925476-1/2 gatefold cover
JPN 1986 Duck LP P-13390 gatefold cover
JPN 1986 Warner/Pioneer CS PSC-107 promo w. unique cover
MEX 1986 Warner Bros. LP LWB-6549  
VEN 1986 Rodven Discos LP 3157  
JPN 1990 Warner CDX WPCP-3990  
JPN 1998 Warner Bros. CDX WPCR-10115  
UK 2001 Warner Bros. CDX 47736-2 digital remaster
AUSL 2005 Warner Bros. 2CD 46068 repackaged w. UNPLUGGED
AUSL 2005 Warner Bros. 3CD 49493 repackaged w. MONEY AND CIGARETTES


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