25166-1 Behind The Sun
Produced by Phil Collins
(tracks 2,5&6 by Ted Templeman and Lenny Waronker)
Released on March 1985
GOLD RECORD (2/13/87), PLATINUM RECORD (7/16/97)
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25166-1 cover  

E ric Clapton walks through this high-value production, which may have spawned several hits but featured little of the guitarist’s personality. Most of the album is produced by Phil Collins, and his presence is strongly felt on songs like “Never Make You Cry.” Several tracks also date from later sessions produced by Ted Templeman and Lenny Waronker; of these, “Forever Man” is far and away the album’s highlight. There (and on “Same Old Blues”), Clapton the blues veteran emerges, commanding the material with his voice and his guitar. On the rest of Behind The Sun, he’s usually hidden; see if you can spot him in the last half-minute of “She’s Waiting” (I couldn’t). Collins and Clapton may simply have been a poor match; Phil lets the quality of the songs speak for him, and Eric simply can’t afford to do that here. When you hear “Knock On Wood” (even a fun version like this), you know you’ve hit the bottom of the barrel for material. Although he wrote roughly half the material, some of it’s plain filler, like the closing “Behind The Sun” (an oddly ethereal moment from him) and “It All Depends.” The new blues from Eric often borrows from the old blues, so “Just Like A Prisoner” and “Same Old Blues” might just as well have been covers. That leaves you with a few tracks from songwriter Jerry Lynn Williams, two of which were hits (“Forever Man” and the mousey “See What Love Can Do”). Given how good a record Money and Cigarettes turned out to be, you have to wonder why Clapton didn’t stick with his strengths. He’s no Tom Petty or Steve Winwood, bankable ‘80s stars that you could send into the studio and expect electric things to happen. It charted well, so call it a case of being in the wrong place at the right time, but Behind The Sun is hardly a bright spot in the constellation of Clapton.

25166-1 lyric gatefold 25166-1 back cover
25166-1 lyric gatefold 25166-1 back cover


  1. SHE'S WAITING    (Eric Clapton/Peter Robinson)    4:54
  2. SEE WHAT LOVE CAN DO    (Jerry Lynn Williams)    3:59
  3. SAME OLD BLUES    (Eric Clapton)    8:12
  4. KNOCK ON WOOD    (Eddie Floyd/Steve Cropper)    3:18
  5. SOMETHING'S HAPPENING    (Jerry Lynn Williams)    3:22
  6. FOREVER MAN    (Jerry Lynn Williams)    3:12
  7. IT ALL DEPENDS    (Eric Clapton)    5:04
  8. TANGLED IN LOVE    (Levy/Feldman)    4:07
  9. NEVER MAKE YOU CRY    (Eric Clapton)    6:05
  10. JUST LIKE A PRISONER    (Eric Clapton)    5:30
  11. BEHIND THE SUN    (Eric Clapton)    2:11


ERIC CLAPTON -- vocals, rhythm guitar, solo guitar, background vocals, Roland guitar synthesizer
PHIL COLLINS -- Simmons and snare drum, background vocals, shaker, vocals, drums, synthesizers
DONALD "DUCK" DUNN -- bass guitar
MARCY LEVY -- background vocals
JAMIE OLDAKER -- drums, background vocals
PETER ROBINSON -- synthesizer
CHRIS STAINTON -- synthesizer, Hammond, piano, Fender Rhodes
Lindsey Buckingham -- additional rhythm guitar (5)
Lenny Castro -- congas
Ray Cooper -- percussion, gong, bongos
Nathan East -- bass guitar, background vocals
James Newton Howard -- synthesizer (5)
Steve Lukather -- rhythm guitar
Shaun Murphy -- background vocals
Michael Omartian -- synthesizers
Greg Phillinganes -- synthesizer and background vocals (5)
Jeff Porcaro -- drums
Ted Templeman -- tambourine, shaker, timbales
Jerry Williams -- background vocals (2,5)
Nick Launay - engineer
Lee Herschberg -- engineer
Mark Linett -- mixing
Larry Vigon -- art direction, design and paintings
Patti Clapton -- photography

UK March 1985 Duck/Warner Bros. LP/CD/CS 925 166-1/2/4 gatefold cover
US March 1985 Duck/Warner Bros. LP/CD/CS 25166 gatefold cover
BRA 1985 Warner Bros. LP 6107 043  
JPN 1985 Warner Bros. LP P-13069 gatefold cover
US 2003 Warner Bros. CD 47735 digital remaster
JPN   Warner Bros. CD   24-bit digital remaster


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