SO 4806 There's One In Every Crowd
Produced by Tom Dowd
Released on April 1975
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SO 4806 cover
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F ront to back, black to white. Not an allusion to “Opposites” but to Clapton’s two-tone personality. The Black Clapton appears on side one: R&B, gospel, blues, reggae. The White Clapton on the second side: boogaloo, ballads, The Beatles. Neither good nor evil, only merely average, maybe even meekly so. There are a lot of Clapton albums in this crowd: No Reason To Cry, Backless, Another Ticket. The big hit here is Clapton’s cover of “Swing Low Sweet Chariot.” (Already own Time Pieces? You lucky dog.) “Don’t Blame Me,” cowritten by George Terry, may also sound familiar; it’s a followup to the massively successful “I Shot the Sheriff.” Thank goodness his reggae phase was contained to a couple of albums. Clapton is so much more comfortable in a baggy R&B arrangement (“Little Rachel”) or writing pop songs that catch you off guard (“Pretty Blue Eyes,” “High”). These, to my mind, are the highlights of There’s One (if there are any). And now for a few random observations... Clapton and George Harrison are remarkably similar songwriters. Clapton can draw, but not as well as John Lennon. “Singin’ the Blues” reminds me of Harrison’s “Woman Don’t You Cry For Me.” There’s actually a synthesizer played on “Opposites,” which is the first time I can recall hearing one on a Clapton song. I’ve read that the dog on the cover is Clapton’s dog, Jeep (source: Wikipedia). I think Clapton’s cover of “The Sky Is Crying” is a bore. The quality of your life will not dramatically improve if you purchase this album. I could not possibly be any lazier today.

SO 4806 back cover SO 4806 picture sleeve
SO 4806 back cover SO 4806 picture sleeve


  1. WE'VE BEEN TOLD (JESUS COMING SOON)    (trad. arr. Eric Clapton)    4:30
  2. SWING LOW SWEET CHARIOT    (trad. arr. Eric Clapton)    3:32
  3. LITTLE RACHEL    (Jim Byfield)    4:06
  4. DON'T BLAME ME    (Eric Clapton/George Terry)    3:34
  5. THE SKY IS CRYING    (Elmore James/Morgan Robinson)    3:56
  6. SINGIN' THE BLUES    (Mary McCreary)    3:23
  7. BETTER MAKE IT THROUGH TODAY    (Eric Clapton)    4:04
  8. PRETTY BLUE EYES    (Eric Clapton)    4:47
  9. HIGH    (Eric Clapton)    3:32
  10. OPPOSITES    (Eric Clapton)    4:47


ERIC CLAPTON -- lead vocals, electric & acoustic guitars, dobro, inner sleeve drawing
YVONNE ELLIMAN -- lead vocals, group vocals
MARCY LEVY -- group vocals
JAMIE OLDAKER -- drums, percussion
CARL RADLE -- electric bass, electric guitar
DICK SIMS -- organ, piano, electric piano
GEORGE TERRY -- electric & acoustic guitars, group vocals
Albhy Galuten -- synthesizer
Graeme Goodall -- engineer
Karl Richardson -- engineer
Henri De Chatillon -- front photo
Robert Ellis -- back photo

UK/GER/NET April 1975 RSO LP 2479 132 picture sleeve
US April 1975 RSO LP SO 4806 picture sleeve
AUSL 1975 RSO LP 2394 147  
JPN 1975 RSO LP MW-2116  
ARG 1976 RSO LP 5323  
US   Polydor CD/CS 531 822 digital remaster
JPN   Polydor CD UICY-6187  


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