31454 0054-2 The Spin
Produced by Fernando Saunders, Daniel Abraham,
Howie Lee Morrell, Derek Nakamoto
Released on 1993
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K ronomyth 2.0: SPINS AND THE REVOLUTION. After a by-all-accounts excellent debut, Fernando Saunders released a second album of similar quality, The Spin. Better known as a bandmember to Jan Hammer and Lou Reed, Saunders the solo artist shows his romantic R&B side, landing somewhere in between Prince and the adult pop market. You already know he’s a crack bass guitarist, but his likeable voice and songwriting gift will probably come as a surprise. Makes you wonder why he isn’t already an established solo artist, and then you see the commercial indifference to these albums and stop wondering. You couldn’t ask more from the man: “The Fire Keeps Burning,” “Come A Little Closer,” “Sussan,” really a good half of these songs could have been minor hits. I guess someone at A&M did a lousy job of promoting this album. Of course, Saunders didn’t cultivate this kind of audience during his career either. While fans of Jan Hammer and Lou Reed will likely have the good musical taste to appreciate the quality of The Spin, they may not be entirely comfortable listening to it, since what separates this from, say, a well-produced Jermaine Jackson album isn’t a whole lot. It doesn’t take a great leap of faith, however, to see Fernando Saunders as an R&B/pop artist who elevates the medium with his intelligence and experience. It’s not my poison of choice, but like Patrice Rushen you can’t deny that they class up the studio the moment they walk in. There’s also a review of this at All Music Guide, in case et cetera.

31454 0054-2 booklet gatefold 31454 0054-2 booklet back cover
31454 0054-2 booklet gatefold 31454 0054-2 booklet back cover


  1. THE SPIN    (Fernando Saunders)    5:11
  2. COME A LITTLE CLOSER    (Fernando Saunders/Francesca Beghe)    5:29
  3. IT'S A REAL LOVE    (Kim O'Leary/Fuzzbee Morse)    5:49
  4. SLIDING THRU LIFE WITH CHARM    (Fernando Saunders)    4:17
  5. YOU'RE THE ONLY WOMAN    (Michael Lesson/Peter Vale)    4:06
  6. VAN GOGH    (Fernando Saunders)    4:05
  7. SUSSAN    (Fernando Saunders)    6:04
  8. TONIGHT (I NEED YOUR LOVE)    (Fernando Saunders)    4:47
  9. PRELUDE TO...    (Fernando Saunders)    1:52
  10. DEVOTION    (Fernando Saunders)    5:03
  11. THE FIRE KEEPS BURNING    (Fernando Saunders/Francesca Beghe/Kevin Savigar)    4:22
  12. TICK-TOCK    (Fernando Saunders/J.T. Lewis)    5:27
  13. WALKIN' ON THIN ICE    (Fernando Saunders/Kevin Savigar)    5:13
  14. WORDS OF LOVE    (Fernando Saunders/Sussan Taunton)    5:21


FERNANDO SAUNDERS -- lead vocals, background vocals, fretless bass, electric & acoustic guitar, tambourine, keyboards, programming, bongos, programmed percussion
J.T. LEWIS -- drums, additional production
DEREK NAKAMOTO -- Hammond B-3, keyboards, percussion programming, acoustic piano, harpsichord, Rhodes, background vocals, Kurzweil strings, synth voice
ALAN SMALLWOOD -- keyboards, percussion & keyboard programming, synth, horn arranngement
Tawatha Agee -- background vocals
Don Alias -- percussion, congas
Rick Bell -- tenor sax
Camus Mark Celli, Andre Levin -- programming
Rob Chiarelli -- programmed percussion
Dennis Collins -- background vocals
Luis Conte -- talking drums, percussion, shaker, djembe, timbales
Denny Fongheiser -- drums
Curtis King -- background vocals
Pete Min -- electric guitar
Howie Morrell -- drums programming, arrangement
Fuzzbee Morse -- keyboards, additional production, synth bass, keyboards & drum programming, acoustic guitar, piano, Hamond B-3
Kim O'Leary -- background vocals
Leander Saunders -- background vocals
Shankar -- double violin & effected voice
Dian Sorel -- background vocals
Donnel Spencer -- hi-hat & cymbals
Daryll Tookes -- background vocals
Phillip Woo -- harmionica solo
Bernie Worrell -- Hohner clavinet
Tommy Zvoncheck -- keyboards
Bob Clearmountain -- additional production, mixing
Knut Bohn -- engineer
Eric Calvi -- engineer
Mike Christopher -- engineer
Rob Jaczko -- engineer
Mike Krowiak -- engineer
Jeff Lippay -- engineer
Mark McKenna -- engineer
Kathleen Miller -- engineer
Bob Siefert -- engineer
Mike White -- engineer
Rich Frankel -- art direction
3 Lions, D.A. -- design
Chris Nash -- photography

US 1993 A&M CD/CS 0054-2/4  


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