EK 34433 Jeff Beck With The Jan Hammer Group Live
Produced by Jan Hammer
Released on March 1977
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EK 34433 cover
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K ronomyth 8.0: BECKHAMMER. Captain Mebyl saundered up to the binary star formation, nebulous and strange. A squawking talkbox in his ear asked him, “Do you feel all right? Do you feel at all?” The Captain had encounted something like this in the lost galaxies of Utopia, Zappa22 and FrampTon. From the outskirts of intelligent life, the postcard read “Mahavishnu were here.” Beckologists were already wired for this sort of thing after two fusion albums, were accustomed to the moogish Hammering in the background. This is a different animal than before: beckhammer/hammerbeck. The opening “Freeway Jam” is your last contact with terrestrial life. From there, it’s space exploration and a true fusion of talent. Beck and Hammer bring guitar and moog together for some mind-blowing journeys (“Darkness/Earth in Search of a Sun”) and, without giving a blow by blow performance of the past, cover old ground again (“Scatterbrain,” “Blue Wind,” “Freeway Jam,” “She’s a Woman”). Beck has always done better in mixed company; his is the shining star that illuminates the work of others. That some of the work originated under a different binary star (HammerGoodman) may trouble Beck purists who wanted a proper live album, and this is not that. It is half a live album by Beck, another half by Hammer, half of that half the children of Hammer and Jerry Goodman, but such bastardry falls under the heraldry of Beck here. Taking the idea of fusion at face value, Beck and Hammer have created a nontraditional live album that manages to expand on a very interesting partnership and make something that was temporal, timeless.

EK 34433 back sleeve
EK 34433 back sleeve


  1. FREEWAY JAM    (Max Middleton)    7:23
  2. EARTH (STILL OUR ONLY HOME)    (Jan Hammer)    4:37
  3. SHE'S A WOMAN    (John Lennon/Paul McCartney)    4:26
  4. FULL MOON BOOGIE    (Jan Hammer/Jerry Goodman)    6:09
  5. DARKNESS/EARTH IN SEARCH OF A SUN    (Jan Hammer)    7:53
  6. SCATTERBRAIN    (Jeff Beck)    7:27
  7. BLUE WIND    (Jan Hammer)    6:35


JEFF BECK -- guitar & special effects
FREEMAN -- Moog string synthesizer, electric piano, timbales, lead vocal (2)
JAN HAMMER -- Moog & Oberheim synthesizer
STEVE KINDLER -- violin, string synthesizer (5), rhythm guitar (7)
FERNANDO SAUNDERS -- bass, rhythm guitar (3), vocal harmony
TONY SMITH -- drums, lead vocal (4)
John Berg -- cover design
Larry Yelen -- front photo
Hue and Eye -- back photo
Joyce McGregor -- lettering

UK March 1977 Epic LP EPC-86025  
US March 1977 Epic LP PE-34433  
JPN 1977 Epic LP 25AP-359  
BRA 1983 Atlantic LP 80.010 as ROCK STORY VOLUME 9
US   Epic CD EK 34433 digital remaster
JPN   Epic CD ESCA-5229  
UK June 16, 2008 Sony BMG 5CD 30277-2 repackaged w. ROUGH & READY, JEFF BECK GROUP,
JPN 2009 Epic CD EICP-20022 digital remaster


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