520 239-2 Last of the Red Hot Burritos
Produced by Jim Dickson
Released on April 1972
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520 239-2 cover
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K ronomyth 4.0: TWO BYRDS IN THE BUSH. And now... the review of Last of the Red Hot Burritos (polite applause). This is a live album that splits its time between originals (“Devil In Disguise,” “Hot Burrito #2”) and covers, featuring Chris Hillman, Michael Clarke and a mostly new outfit that now included Rick Roberts, Al Perkins and a few members from Country Gazette. As the last album to feature Hillman and Clarke, Last of the Red Hot Burritos marks the end of the Byrds’ flight in the Burritos’ legend for all intents and purposes (Gene Parsons would rejoin for Flying Again). Like other country-rock offshoots (New Riders of the Purple Sage, Kingfish), what began as a vacation home was soon abandoned by its original owners, occupied by squatters and allowed to grow decrepit. However, that’s a discussion for another day. Last of the Red Hot Burritos is a fine footnote to a too-short career that shows the Burritos’ country-rock sound still has a place on the big stage. The country stomp “Dixie Breakdown” may be a crowd pleaser, but the Burritos’ real strength lies in their raunchy R&B: “Ain’t That A Lot of Love,” “High Fashion Queen,” “Don’t Fight It.” It was an element that would grow lost with time as the rockers in their ranks were replaced with fiddle folk. While it’s true that Gram Parsons doesn’t appear on this album, his music does. In fact, this album doesn’t reprise anything from the Gram-less third album. Fans will certainly want to add this to the pyre for both the energized playing and the inclusion of seven songs (all covers) previously unrecorded by the band.


  1. DEVIL IN DISGUISE    (Gram Parsons/Chris Hillman)    3:55
  2. SIX DAYS ON THE ROAD    (Earl Green/Carl Montgomery)    3:04
  3. MY UNCLE    (Gram Parsons/Chris Hillman)    2:20
  4. DIXIE BREAKDOWN    (Don Reno/Jimmy Lunceford)    2:16
  5. DON'T LET YOUR DEAL GO DOWN    (Wayner Walker/Louise Certain/Gladys Stacey/Jerry Organ)    2:21
  6. ORANGE BLOSSOM SPECIAL    (Ervin T. Rouse)    3:46
  7. AIN'T THAT A LOT OF LOVE    (Homer Banks/Dean Parker)    3:23
  8. HIGH FASHION QUEEN    (Gram Parsons/Chris Hillman)    3:17
  9. DON'T FIGHT IT    (Wilson Pickett/Steve Cropper)    2:55
  10. HOT BURRITO #2    (Chris Ethridge/Gram Parsons)    4:43
  11. LOSING GAME    (James Carr/Denny Weaver)    2:59


CHRIS HILLMAN -- bass, mandolin, vocals
AL PERKINS -- pedal steel guitar
RICK ROBERTS -- rhythm guitar, vocals
KENNY WERTZ -- acoustic guitar, banjo
Byron Berline -- fiddle
Roger Bush -- acoustic bass
Ed Kramer -- engineer
Dick Bogert -- remix engineer
Roland Young -- art direction
Chuck Beeson -- design
Joe Garnett -- illustrations
Jim McCrary -- photography

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US/CAN April 1972 A&M LP SP-4343 gatefold cover
UK April 1972 A&M LP AMLS-64343 gatefold cover
NET 1972 A&M LP 86116-IT gatefold cover
NZ 1972 A&M LP SAML-934559  
US April 16, 1995 Rebound CD 520 329-2  
JPN 1995 A&M CD POCM-2031  


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