DGCD-24524 Space In Your Face
Produced by Sam Taylor
Released on June 8, 1993
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I f Pantera had a sense of humor (and a sense of melody), they’d sound like this. The Cowboys’ second album is lauded by some, reviled by others; the latter presumably those who felt all pop-metal after the Seattle explosion was derivative and superfluous. But I think they’ve thrown the space baby out with the bathwater. That Galactic Cowboys never clicked with a larger audience is one of those inexplicable oversights, considering they have as much talent as Pantera, Tool or King’s X. Their second release, Space In Your Face, is heavy stuff: dexterous, hardcore metal with improbably melodic hooks. Personally, I’m not sure that melody and metal can coexist peacefully, and there are times on here when the union seems forced. When it works (“Blind,” “You Make Me Smile”), the results are stunning. When it doesn’t (“Circles In The Field,” “I Do What I Do”), metal aficionados are likely to shrink away from the idea that pop music could insinuate itself so comfortably into metal. As usual, the Cowboys use unusual segues between songs that deflate their own balloon, which is charming but may have contributed to their confounding of listeners. A kickass metal band that employs animal noises and choruses that sound like they were lifted off The Rembrandts? Clearly, you had to leave any preconceived notions of a metal band at the door with these guys. But if you do come into this with an open mind, you’ll swear they’re the second coming of something big. I mean, any time you can pull off a metal track about a little old lady (“About Mrs. Leslie”), my hats off to ya. Lest it all come too easy, the Cowboys bury two great songs into an additional 23 “tracks” at the end of the disc. Honestly, there are times when I think the band has more talent than sense.

DGCD-24524 inner sleeve DGCD-24524 back sleeve
DGCD-24524 inner sleeve DGCD-24524 back sleeve


  1. SPACE IN YOUR FACE    (Alan Doss)    1:39
  2. YOU MAKE ME SMILE    (Monty Colvin)    4:20
  3. I DO WHAT I DO    (Monty Colvin)    5:21
  4. CIRCLES IN THE FIELDS    (Monty Colvin)    4:47
  5. IF I WERE A KILLER    (Alan Doss/Ben Huggsin)    3:56
  6. BLIND    (Monty Colvin/Ben Huggins)    7:49
  7. NO PROBLEMS    (Alan Doss/Ben Huggins/Monty Colvin)    7:23
  8. ABOUT MRS. LESLIE    (Alan Doss/Ben Huggins)    5:12
  9. WHERE ARE YOU NOW?    (Monty Colvin)    7:50
  10. (hidden CD track:) RANCH ON MARS    (Monty Colvin)
  11. (hidden CD track:) STILL LIFE OF PEACE    (Monty Colvin/Ben Huggins)


MONTY COLVIN -- bass, vocals
ALAN DOSS -- drums, vocals, attempted keyboards
BEN HUGGINS -- vocals, acoustic guitar, blues harp
DANE SONNIER -- guitar, vocals
Sam Taylor -- recording
Brian Garcia -- engineer
Andy Wallace -- mixing
Steve Ames -- recording, engineer
Chip Simons -- photography
Wendy Sherman -- art direction/design
Jim McDermott -- patch artwork

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US June 8, 1993 Geffen CD/CS DGCD/DGCC-24524 lyric sleeve
UK 1993 Geffen CD GED-24524  
CAN 1993 Geffen CD GEFD-24524  


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