no label info Discovery
Produced by Eric Levy with Fareed Haque
Released on January 29, 2010
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SRM-1-3706 cover
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W hen More Mr. Nice Guy was released, I got Moog Garaj Mahal than I bargained for with Discovery, ostensibly a disc of demos for the new Moog guitar. To my surprise, I enjoyed this more than their formal label release, filled as it is with the fiery middle eastern fusion and space beatbox jazz that make up the better parts of Garaj Mahal (to my mind anyway). If “DC Swing,” “Never Give Up,” “Sea To Sky” and “Artorius” had appeared on More Mr. Nice Guy, I would have written a very different review of that disc. These sessions seem to have evolved over time as Fareed Haque grew acquainted with the instrument; his first encounter with it, “Moog Improv #1,” is mere noodling compared to the multitracked moog-guitar-as-chamber-orchestra “Largo.” Eric Levy then takes the added step of extreme mixing, using the Ableton Live program. In fact, you could day Discovery is a double-demo disc, since it speaks to the virtues of Ableton’s editing software as much as the Moog guitar. Initially, I had thought of dubbing Discovery the band’s best disc, but my enthusiasm began to wane with the aforementioned improv, and nothing after (“Of A Simple Mind,” “Round Midnight”) would displace the notion that their better bits ended up on More Mr. Nice Guy. The first half of Discovery, however, is too good to go undiscovered by fans. Since the packaging is nearly nonexistent (the disc doesn’t even appear to have a formal ID number), no harm done if you buy this as an MP3 download. One thing worth mentioning: the liner notes from Fareed and Eric are a nice touch and should be included in subsequent releases as well. Oh, and since you’re probably wondering, I didn’t notice that the Moog guitar made any huge difference other than letting Fareed Haque get more “keyboard” sounds out of his guitar, but then I don’t pay much attention to tone and sustain to begin with.


  1. DC SWING    (Eric Levy w/ Garaj Mahal)    3:38
  2. PHILLY ELECTRONIC    (Fareed Haque)    1:46
  3. NEVER GIVE UP    (Kai Eckhardt)    10:01
  4. SEA TO SKY    (Eric Levy w/ Garaj Mahal)    5:59
  5. MAKE A HIPPY HAPPY    (Garaj Mahal)    9:41
  6. IT GOES UP YOUR NOSE    (Fareed Haque)    1:07
  7. ARTORIUS    (Eric Levy w/ Garaj Mahal)    6:53
  8. MOOG IMPROV #1    (Fareed Haque)    2:47
  9. LARGO FROM CONCERTO IN D, RV 234    (Antonio Vivaldi)    3:19
  10. OF A SIMPLE MIND    (Fareed Haque)    5:56
  11. BOBOLINK    (Eric Levy w/ Garaj Mahal)    6:35
  12. ROUND MIDNIGHT    (Thelonius Monk)    2:51


KAI ECKHARDT -- bass, engineer
FAREED HAQUE -- Moog guitar
ERIC LEVY -- keyboards, arrangements, engineer, mixing
Ben Janik -- engineer
Jim Johnson -- engineer
Julian Dreyer -- engineer (8)
Mike Adams and Moog Music -- executive producer -- CD graphic design

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US January 29, 2010 Moog CD    


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