OWL00125 w00t
Produced by Garaj Mahal
Released on September 9, 2008
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N ot X-actly w00t I expected (moroccan roll), but still a pretty amazing amalgam of 70s fusion and 21st century technological sophistication. The sufi-fusion of sound that emanated from those old Brand X elpees, dreamy and strange and sometimes dizzyingly intricate and other times silly, was a product I thought lost to time. Garaj Mahal digs time (and its elusive signatures), unearths the classic fusion experiments of Brand X, RTF, Frank Zappa, etc. and transplants them in the unsettled soil of Now. The progressive spirit of experimentation and exploration is alive in w00t: scaling musical ziggurats (“Pundit-Ji”), observed on ambling caravans of sun-scorched horse-shapes (“Corner Peace”), suited up in space funk fusion and drunk on draughts of aether (“7 Cows Jumping Over The Moon”). Words like prog and fusion lie dormant in a dictionary for years while people with teased hair push synthesizer buttons, and thirty years later small cadres of jazz subversives convene in cloistered clubs and studios to reanimate the revolution. Whether by chemical conveyance or on alien waves of sound, with these records we reach a place where reality is inverted and impermanent: Jewish jokes become proggish maelstroms, sinuous riffs wrapped around bone detach and drift into a crowd of bobbing and black-hatted notes. You don’t listen to an album like w00t, you surrender to it. The great battles of Miles to Mahavishnu are over, sadly, swallowed by black holes with one eye winking, and we’re left with small eruptions of sectarian skirmishes against apathy. Garaj Mahal fights the good fight, flies the flag of jazz prog proudly, pokes your brain a little too, and really, at the end of the day, w00t more could you ask for?


  1. SEMOS    (Kai Eckhardt)    9:58
  2. HOTEL    (Alan Hertz)    10:08
  3. PUNDIT-JI    (Fareed Haque)    8:21
  4. BASS SOLO    (Kai Eckhardt)    1:49
  5. 7 COWS JUMPING OVER THE MOON    (Kai Eckhardt)    6:22
  6. CORNER PEACE    (Alan Hertz)    8:06
  7. ISHMAEL AND ISAAC    (Eric Levy)    7:22
  8. UPTOWN TIPPITINAS    (Eric Levy)    7:41
  9. JAMIE'S JAM    (Fareed Haque)    10:19


FAREED HAQUE -- guitars
ALAN HERTZ -- drums, mixing
ERIC LEVY -- keyboards
DJ nick Aspect -- scratching (2)
Wendy Levy -- vocals (1)
Adam Theis -- trombone (2)
The Whole Plant Family -- "hey" (7)
Gary Mielke -- mixing (9)
J. Allan Hall -- executive producer
P.J. Yinger -- art direction/design
Regina Camargo and Dave Van -- photography

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US September 9, 2008 OWL Studios CD OWL00125  


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