52725-2 3 In Jazz
Produced by George Avakian, Joe Reisman
Released on 1963
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K ronomyth 3.0: THREE IS A MAGIC NUMBER. They don’t make ‘em like this anymore: three sessions from three artists recorded in the waning days of winter62/3. It reminds me of those old baseball rookie cards, where you would find three players (two of them familiar) side by side, each name pregnant with promise. Of course, at this stage Clark Terry and Sonny Rollins were known quantities and a just-turned-twenty Gary Burton the lone unknown. Although Terry and Rollins had played together five years before on Sonny Rollins And The Big Brass, the two are worlds apart stylistically. The Ellington-schooled Terry is ballroom born and bred, joined by guitarist Kenny Burrell in a quintet/sextet setting that plays it straight and cool, from swing (“Blues Tonight”) to bossa nova (“When My Dreamboat Comes Home”). The four from Burton are also well-mannered numbers, including a pair of fresh originals from Burton (“Gentle Wind And Falling Tear”) and fellow Berklee alum Michael Gibbs (“Blue Comedy”), who later became the musical director for the BBC TV show, The Goodies (goody goody yum yum). It’s up to Sonny Rollins and trumpeter Don Cherry to stir things up with bold interpretations of “You Are My Lucky Star” and “I Could Write A Book” (their take on “There Will Never Be Another You” is more restrained). 3 In Jazz is a mixed bag and that was the original idea: to mix things up, maybe expose Rollins fans to Burton or Burton fans to Terry (as was the case with me). It’s obviously not the first album you need to hear from any of these artists, but if you’re looking for a reason to add it to your collection I can think of three.


  1. Gary Burton: HELLO YOUNG LOVERS    (Richard Rodgers/Oscar Hammerstein II)    2:54
  2. Gary Burton: GENTLE WIND AND FALLING TEAR    (Gary Burton)    2:52
  3. Sonny Rollins: YOU ARE MY LUCKY STAR    (Arthur Freed/Nacio Herb Brown)    3:40
  4. Sonny Rollins: I COULD WRITE A BOOK    (Richard Rodgers/Lorenz Hart)    3:10
  5. Clark Terry: SOUNDS OF THE NIGHT    (Johnny Mercer/Gerald Fried)    2:58
  6. Clark Terry: CIELITO LINDO    (trad. arr. by Clark Terry)    2:25
  7. Gary Burton: STELLA BY STARLIGHT    (Victor Young/Ned Washington)    3:08
  8. Gary Burton: BLUE COMEDY    (Michael Gibbs)    2:56
  9. Sonny Rollins: THERE WILL NEVER BE ANOTHER YOU    (Mack Gordon/Harry Warren)    5:34
  10. Clark Terry: BLUES TONIGHT    (Clark Terry)    2:29
  11. Clark Terry: WHEN MY DREAM BOAT COMES HOME    (Cliff Friend/Dave Franklin)    2:29


   MONTY BUDWIG -- bass
   GARY BURTON -- vibraphone
   JACK SHELDON -- trumpet
   DON CHERRY -- cornet
   HENRY GRIMES -- bass
   BILLY HIGGINS -- drums
   SONNY ROLLINS -- tenor saxophone
   MILT HINTON -- bass
   OSIE JOHNSON -- drums
   HANK JONES -- piano
   WILLIE RODRIGUEZ -- bongo, conga (5,11)
   CLARK TERRY -- trumpet, flugelhorn
George Avakian -- liner notes
Rolf Enoch -- reissue producer
Jacques Sehy, Micky Koch & Torsten Schermer -- graphic restoration

US 1963 RCA LP LS-2725  
UK 1963 RCA Victor LP RD-7626  
US July 18 , 1995 RCA CD 52725-2 digital remaster


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