82691-2 ...And Then There Were Three
Produced by David Hentschel & Genesis
Released on March 1978
GOLD RECORD (5/31/78), PLATINUM (2/11/88)
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82691-2 cover
[complete outer gatefold]

T he line on …And Then There Were Three says that it marks the beginning of the band’s commercial reinvention, which is misleading. Despite the loss of Steve Hackett and the presence of the popular “Follow You, Follow Me,” the band still has one foot firmly planted in the progressive rock of yore. The opening track, “Down and Out,” actually addresses the pressure they felt to create more commercial music -- tellingly, it’s one of the album’s more complex tracks. With the trio splitting the songwriting and Mike Rutherford assuming guitar duties, some different styles emerge. Tony Banks’ are the better tracks, as he may well be the most complete songwriter of the three; “The Lady Lies,” “Many Too Many,” “Burning Rope” and “Undertow” each invoke some small degree of majesty. Rutherford doesn’t attempt to fill the void left by Hackett, instead playing his typically polite guitar on songs like “Snowbound” and “Say It’s Alright Joe.” Phil Collins’ drums assume a larger role in the mix, and he’s clearly grown more comfortable as a vocalist, belting it out on songs like “Deep in the Motherlode.” One of the best tracks from the album, “Scenes From A Night Dream,” recounts the story of Little Nemo and includes some fantastic subject matter that prog rock fans will enjoy. If there’s any knock on the album, it’s that the band can be noisy in their pursuit of a suitably “large” sound as a trio. (Oddly, Genesis seemed to recover better from the loss of Peter Gabriel than Hackett.) They would re-think this approach on Duke, abandoning prog’s sprawling spires in favor of tighter arrangements that a trio could capably climb.

SD 19173 lyric gatefold SD 19173 back cover
SD 19173 lyric gatefold SD 19173 back cover


  1. DOWN AND OUT    (Philip Collins/Tony Banks/Mike Rutherford)    5:25
  2. UNDERTOW    (Tony Banks)    4:47
  3. BALLAD OF BIG    (Philip Collins/Tony Banks/Mike Rutherford)    4:47
  4. SNOWBOUND    (Mike Rutherford)    4:30
  5. BURNING ROPE    (Tony Banks)    7:07
  6. DEEP IN THE MOTHERLODE    (Mike Rutherford)    5:14
  7. MANY TOO MANY    (Tony Banks)    3:30
  8. SCENES FROM A NIGHT'S DREAM    (Philip Collins/Tony Banks)    3:30
  9. SAY IT'S ALRIGHT JOE    (Mike Rutherford)    4:18
  10. THE LADY LIES    (Tony Banks)    6:05
  11. FOLLOW YOU FOLLOW ME    (Mike Rutherford/Tony Banks/Philip Collins)    3:59


TONY BANKS -- keyboards
PHILIP COLLINS -- drums, voices
MIKE RUTHERFORD -- guitars, basses
David Hentschel -- engineer
Hipgnosis -- sleeve design and photographs

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UK March 1978 Charisma LP/CS CDS 4010 gatefold cover
US March 1978 Atlantic LP/CS SD/CS 19173 gatefold cover
CAN 1978 Atlantic LP KSD 19173 gatefold cover
ARG/GER/NET 1978 Charisma LP 9124 023 gatefold cover
JPN 1978 Charisma LP RJ-7348 gatefold cover
US 1982 Atlantic CS CS 19173  
ARG 1982 Charisma LP 27306  
UK 1994 Virgin CD/CS CDSCDX 4010 digital remaster
US November 29, 1994 Atlantic CD/CS 82691 original master recording
EUR 1994 Virgin CD 839 891  
JPN 1998 Virgin CD VJCP-68102  


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