7-89290 Tonight, Tonight, Tonight
Produced by Genesis and Hugh Padgham
Released on February 1987
US CHART POSITION #3 charted February 14, 1987 (15 weeks)
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7-89290 picture sleeve  

An edited version of “Tonight, Tonight, Tonight” (at half its original eight-plus-minute length) continued Invisible Touch’s very visible assault on the US charts. The attack on the United Kingdom was of a more insidious nature, however. The song was used in Miller Beer commercials, a beer being marketed to the UK as a premium American import. (To our neighbors across the Atlantic, I can assure you our taste in beer is better than our taste in music; we don’t like Miller beer, which is probably why you’re getting stuck with it.) The flip side is the first part of “Domino” (called “In The Glow of the Night”) from the same album. It’s identical to the album track, but it’s nice to hear it again anyway. A 12-inch version of the single includes “Paperlate” (ah, the good old days) and a remixed version of “Tonight, Tonight, Tonight” that includes the words “Miller Beer has a robust flavor that beer drinkers like” played backwards very quietly. No it doesn’t, as that would have required actual marketing skill, none of which was needed to declare “yeah, Tonight I’m gonna make it right like, you know, have a good time.” Ugh. I hope the band got a lot of money for that, and spent it all on Tennants. (Actually, now that I think of it, it might have been for Michelob beer. Oh well, never mind.)


  1. TONIGHT, TONIGHT, TONIGHT (edit version)    (Tony Banks/Phil Collins/Mike Rutherford)    4:32
  2. IN THE GLOW OF THE NIGHT (PART ONE)    (Tony Banks/Phil Collins/Mike Rutherford)    4:27

    12-inch bonus tracks...
  4. TONIGHT, TONIGHT, TONIGHT (remix version)


TONY BANKS -- keyboards, synth bass
PHIL COLLINS -- drums, vocals, percussion
MIKE RUTHERFORD -- guitars, bass
Hugh Padgham -- engineer

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US February 1987 Atlantic 7" 7-89290 picture sleeve
CAN 1987 Atlantic 7" 78-92907  
UK March? 1987 Virgin 7" GENS4 picture sleeve
UK March? 1987 Virgin 12 DRAW412 w. bonus tracks



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