82688-2 A Trick of the Tail
Produced by David Hentschel and Genesis
Released on February 2, 1976
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82688-2 cover
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K ronomyth 8.0: TALES OF FOURTUNE. The departure of Gabriel for greener hills left Genesis in disarray for more than a year as they sought a suitable replacement. Turned out the best man for the job was already suited up, and Phil Collins was thrust into the spotlight as the new lead singer for Genesis. (That Collins was still the de facto drummer for Genesis would present some logistical challenges on stage for the rest of their careers.) Collins doesn’t relish the role of lead vocalist as Gabriel did, though he does some appreciable playacting in Tony Banks’ “Robbery, Assault & Battery.” The real story of course isn’t how much the band had changed, but how much had stayed the same: the towering and sometimes terrifying arrangements (“Dance on a Volcano”), pastoral passages (“Ripples”) and wonderful melodies couched in highly inventive arrangements (“Trick of the Tail”) all point back to Selling England. And yet, a Steve Hackett solo album in the interim and the loss of their charismatic linchpin left cracks in the garden wall, making it easier to see Genesis as a collection of individual contributors rather than a cohesive whole. (Tail also took the previously unthinkable turn of attributing songs to individuals rather than the group as a whole.) “Dance on a Volcano” and “Entangled,” for example, would have felt right at home on Hackett’s Voyage of the Acolyte, while the songs written by the trio of Banks, Collins and Rutherford (“Mad Mad Moon,” “Squonk”) foreshadow the fuzzy and large-sounding creations to come. While neither as inventive or absurd as their last few albums, A Trick of the Tail still remains head and shoulders above most of their progressive rock peers and proved that the exodus of Gabriel wasn’t the end of the Genesis.

SD 36-129 gatefold cover SD 36-129 inner gatefold
SD 36-129 gatefold cover SD 36-129 inner gatefold


  1. DANCE ON A VOLCANO    (Tony Banks/Phil Collins/Mike Rutherford/Steve Hackett)
  2. ENTANGLED    (Tony Banks/Steve Hackett)
  3. SQUONK    (Mike Rutherford/Tony Banks)
  4. MAD MAN MOON    (Tony Banks)
  6. RIPPLES...    (Tony Banks/Phil Collins)
  7. A TRICK OF THE TAIL    (Tony Banks/Mike Rutherford)
  8. LOS ENDOS    (Phil Collins/Steve Hackett/Mike Rutherford/Tony Banks)

    All material arranged by Genesis


TONY BANKS -- pianos, synthesizers,organ, Mellotron, 12 string guitar, backing vocals
PHIL COLLINS -- drums, percussion, lead & backing vocals
STEVE HACKETT -- electric guitar, 12 string guitars
MIKE RUTHERFORD -- 12 string guitar, basses, bass pedals
David Hentschel -- engineer
Nick "Haddock" Bradford -- engineer
Hipgnosis, Colin Elgie -- sleeve design

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UK February 2, 1976 Charisma LP/CS CDS/CDSMC 4001 gatefold cover, picture sleeve
US February 2, 1976 Atco LP/CS SD/CS36-129 gatefold cover, picture sleeve
ARG 1976 Charisma LP 27312 gatefold cover
CAN 1976 Atco LP/CS SD/AC36-129 gatefold cover, picture sleeve
FRA/NET/POR/URU 1976 Charisma LP 6369 974 gatefold cover
GER 1976 Charisma LP 206 921 610 gatefold cover, inner sleeve
ISR 1976 Litratone LP 13105  
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JPN 1984 Charisma LP 20PP-70  
JPN 1986 Charisma LP 25VB-1101  
BRA 1988 Virgin LP 140.8013 gatefold cover, insert
UK 1994 Virgin CD CDSCDX 4001 digital remaster
US November 29, 1994 Atco CD/CS 82688-2 definitive edition remaster
GER/NET 1994 Virgin CD 839 885 digital remaster
JPN 1998 Virgin CD VJCP-68098  
UK 2007 EMI CD/DVD CDSCDR-4001 SHACD remaster w. bonus DVD
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JPN 2007 EMI/Toshiba CD/DVD TOGP-15011 SHACD remaster w. bonus DVD
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