DHK 3492 Somewhere In England
Produced by George Harrison & Ray Cooper
Released on June 1, 1981
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DHK 3492 cover  

K ronomyth 10.0: NOWHERE, MAN. In the summer of 1981, George Harrison paid tribute to the recently slain John Lennon by corpsing up the place with what has to be his worst solo album since Dark Horse, Somewhere In England. In Harrison’s defense, he had intended to release the album in 1980 prior to Lennon’s death, but the original album was rejected by mother label Warner Bros. in a conversation that I can only image went something like this:

Warner Bros. A&R flunkie: George, we’re not going to release this album.

George: Is it the Hoagy Carmichael songs? Because I can get rid of those.

WBARF: NO, NO, don’t touch the Hoagy Carmichael songs. We LOVE those!

Assistant WBARF: Yeah, Hoagy Carmichael songs are really hot right now.

WBARF: It’s just that the record is so depressing. It could use something more upbeat.

Assistant WBARF: Like a song about a dead friend who was recently killed.

WBARF: Or a song about how much you hate making music.

George Harrison: Seriously, if it’s the Hoagy Carmichael stuff, I can take out “Hong Kong Blues.” I don’t even know why I picked that. I mean, I sing the words “colored man” on that song for crying out loud.

Assistant WBARF: Colored people love Hoagy Carmichael!

WBARF: His music lifts people’s spirits.

George Harrison: Really? Because “Baltimore Oriole” is about a woman who cheated on her man. “Hong Kong Blues” is about an opium addict who doesn’t have the money to buy a ticket home.

WBARF: See? I feel better about my life already.

Assistant WBARF (to WBARF): And I don’t hate working for you anymore.

George Harrison: Okay, so I'll keep the Hoagy Carmichael songs and write some new, really depressing songs with happy melodies?

WBARF: Exactly.

Assistant WBARF: Exactly.

WBARF: Now, about the cover art…

This is me again. You don’t need to buy this album. You don’t need to hear any of the songs on it other than “All Those Years Ago.” And you certainly don’t need to spend $18 on a remastered version that includes only a demo version of “Save The World” which sounds so muddled you wonder why George went through with it.

DHK 3492 back cover DHK 3492 picture sleeve 94088-2 cover
DHK 3492 back cover DHK 3492 picture sleeve 94088-2 cover
[high resolution scan]


  1. BLOOD FROM A CLONE    3:58 (4:03)
  2. UNCONSCIOUSNESS RULES    3:04 (3:35)
  3. LIFE ITSELF    4:24 (4:25)
  4. ALL THOSE YEARS AGO    3:43 (3:45)
  5. BALTIMORE ORIOLE    (Paul Francis Webster/Hoagy Carmichael)    3:57 (3:57)
  6. TEARDROPS    4:04 (4:07)
  7. THAT WHICH I HAVE LOST    3:42 (3:47)
  8. WRITING'S ON THE WALL    3:57 (3:59)
  9. HONG KONG BLUES    (Hoagy Carmichael)    2:54 (2:55)
  10. SAVE THE WORLD    4:56 (4:54)
  11. (CD reissue bonus track:) SAVE THE WORLD (DEMO VERSION)    4:27

    All songs written by George Harrison unless noted. (CD reissue track times in parentheses.)


GEORGE HARRISON -- guitars, vocals, keyboards, synthesizers
RAY COOPER -- drums, percussion, keyboards, synthesizers, cover concept
Gary Brooker -- keyboards & synthesizers
Herbie Flowers -- bass, tuba
Jim Keltner -- drums
Al Kooper -- keyboards & synthesizers
Denny Lane (Laine) -- guitar
Neil Larsen -- keyboards & synthesizers
Dave Mattacks -- drums
Mike Moran -- keyboards & synthesizers
Alla Rakha -- tabla
Tom Scott -- lyricon & horns
Ringo Starr -- drums
Willie Weeks - bass
Phil McDonald -- engineer
Caroline Irwin -- photography
Anthony Cohen -- typography
Basil Pao -- original cover concept

UK/AUSL June 1, 1981 Dark Horse LP K56870 lyric sleeve
US June 1, 1981 Dark Horse LP/CS DHK/DAH 3492 lyric sleeve
BRA 1981 WEA LP 36190  
CAN June 1981 Dark Horse LP XDH 3492 lyric sleeve
COL 1981 Warner Bros. LP 23(1031)00262  
GER 1981 Dark Horse LP WB-56870 lyric sleeve
JPN 1981 Dark Horse LP P-10944D  
MEX 1981 Dark Horse LP LWB-6024 lyric sleeve
US 1991 Dark Horse CD DH-26614  
UK 2004 EMI CDX 594088 digital remaster w. bonus track
US February 24, 2004 Capitol CDX 94088 digital remaster w. bonus track
JPN 2004 Dark Horse CDX TOCP-67337 digital remaster w. bonus track


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