OVED14 Radio Gnome Invisible Part 1: Flying Teapot
Produced by Giorgio Gomelski
Released on 1973
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OVED14 cover
[outer gatefold photo]

T his introduces the Radio Gnome Invisible trilogy, in which titular teapot transmits telepathic radio signals, disgorges its Pot Head Pixies onto the prayer mat of an angry alien named Lawrence, who are then rescued by a yogi named Banana, encounter Zero The Hero and are ultimately seduced by The Good Witch Yoni. I’m sure I left some stuff out too. Anyway, if you proceed past this point, you only have yourself to blame. Gong is definitely an acquired taste, kind of a cross between early Pink Floyd, Roxy Music and The Bonzo Dog Band. The inner gatefold artwork is a good indication of what the music sounds like: cartoonish, sprawling, trippy and very interesting if you’ve got the time. I actually started at the end (You), which I feel is the better album. The Flying Teapot is still very good but a little unfocused. The 12-minute “Flying Teapot” devolves from soundscape to sax solo to ape dance, which may match the story line (or vice versa) but doesn’t translate into the best possible use of twelve minutes. Better are the humorous songs that set up a specific scene like “Radio Gnome Invisible” and “The Pot Head Pixies.” However, the highlights to my mind are the blissed-out electronic passage “The Octave Doctors And The Crystal Machine” and the zany “Witch’s Song/I Am Your Pussy.” In the spirit of chemical experimentation, Gong acknowledges no boundaries and seeks no destination twice. Like Pink Floyd and Hawkwind and the other spaceships of the Sixties, they sail through space at their leisure, tell jokes to one another, slip into interstellar overdrive sometimes, and arrive where they arrive. What separates them from their fellow spacemen is their absurd sense of humor; Floyd and Hawkwind were usually far more serious. The Flying Teapot is like a sonic sculpture that suggests the human form; maybe it says something deep about the universal human experience or maybe it just knows that clothed people like to stare at naked people.

OVED14 inner gatefold
OVED14 inner gatefold


  1. RADIO GNOME INVISIBLE    (Daevid Allen)    5:30
  2. FLYING TEAPOT    (Daevid Allen/Francis Moze)    12:30
  3. THE POT HEAD PIXIES    (Daevid Allen)    3:00
  5. ZERO THE HERO AND THE WITCH'S SPELL    (Daevid Allen/Christian Tritsch)    9:45
  6. WITCH'S SONG/I AM YOUR PUSSY    (Gilli Smyth/Daevid Allen)    5:10


DINGO VIRGIN (Daevid Allen) -- pon voicebox, aluminium croonguitar & stumblestrum, cover design
LAWRENCE THE ALIEN (Laurie Allen) -- drumbox, kicks & knocks
HI T MOONWEED (Tim Blake) -- pon voicebox, VCS box cynthia size a & crystal machine
STEVIE HILLSIDE (Steve Hillage) -- spermguitar & slow whale
THE GOOD COUNT BLOOMDIDO BAD DE GRASS (Didier Malherbe) -- split sax i.e. tenna & soprasax & so flooth
FRANCIS BACON (Francis Moze) -- VCS3 fertilized elect piano, left bank uptightright piano, shakespearian meat bass
THE GOOD WITCH YONI (Gilli Smyth) -- orgone box & space whisper
THE SUBMARINE CAPTAIN (Christian Tritsch) -- sideral slideguitar & dogfoot
Simon Sandwitch 2 -- engine ear
Maggie -- cover design
Tom Fu -- cover design

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