Graham Nash


1971.05       A1.CHICAGO                                         US.35 [6.5.71-11w]

              B1.Simple Man

              7”: US Atlantic 45-2804, UK Atlantic 2091-096, JPN Atlantic P-1053A [ps]


1971.06       SONGS FOR BEGINNERS                      UK.13     US.15 t

              1.Military Madness  2.Better Days  3.Wounded Bird  4.I Used to Be a King  5.Be

              Yourself  6.Simple Man  7.Man in the Mirror  8.There’s Only One  9.Sleep Song 

              10.Chicago  11.We Can Change the World


(orig lp)     US Atlantic SD-7204 [lyrics], UK Atlantic 2401011 [lyrics], JPN Atlantic P-8111A

              [gf], 1972: ARG Atlantic 2400 168

(reiss lp)    1982: UK Atlantic K-40237 [insert, greenred label], US Classic Records SD-7204

              [200g vinyl]

(reiss cs)    1988: US Atlantic CS-7204

(reiss cd)    1988: US Atlantic SD-7204

(reiss cd/dvd) 2008: US Rhino 79949 [dvd 5.1 surround sound w. bonus material]


              1973: GER Atlantic ATL-60064 [gf]


1971.09       A1.MILITARY MADNESS                                US.73

              B1.Sleep Song

              7”: US Atlantic 45-2827, CAN Atlantic AT-2827, JPN Atlantic P-1079A [ps], POR

              Atlantic N28-114 [ps]

              B1.I Used To Be A King

              7”: UK Atlantic 2091-135


1973.11       A1.PRISON SONG

              B1.Hey You (Looking at the Moon)

              7”: US Atlantic 45-2990

              B1.Prison Song (Mono)

              7PRO: US Atlantic 45-2990


1973.12       WILD TALES                                         US.34

              1.Wild Tales  2.Hey You (Looking at the Moon)  3.Prison Song  4.You’ll Never Be

              the Same  5.And So It Goes  6.Grave Concern  7.Oh! Camil (The Winter Soldier)  8.I

              Miss You  9.On the Line  10.Another Sleep Song


(orig lp)     UK/US/CAN Atlantic SD-7288 [ps], ARG Atlantic 14400, JPN Atlantic P-8408A

(orig 8t)     US Atlantic TP-7288, CAN Atlantic A8TC-7288

(reiss cd)    1988: US Atlantic 7288


1974.03       A1.ON THE LINE

              B1.I Miss You

              7”: UK Atlantic K-10425, NZ Atlantic ATL-150


1974.08       A1.GRAVE CONCERN

              B1.Another Sleep Song

              7”: UK Atlantic K-10470


     Nash with Craig Doerge, Tim Drummond, Danny Kortchmar, Russ Kunkel, David Lindley, Joe

       Vitale, Jackson Browne, David Crosby, Stephen Stills, Joe Walsh, Steve Lukather, etc.


1980.01       A1.IN THE 80’S

              B1.T.V. Guide

              7”: US/CAN Capitol 4812 [ps]

              B1.In the 80’s (Mono)

              7PRO: US Capitol P-4812


1980.03       A1.OUT ON TH ISLAND

              B1.Out on the Island (Mono)

              7PRO: US Capitol P-4849

              B1.Helicopter Song

              7”: US Capitol


1980.03       EARTH & SKY                                        US.117

              Produced by Graham Nash and Stanley Johnston

              A1.Earth & Sky  A2.Love Has Come  A3.Out on the Island  A4.Skychild  A5.Helicopter

              Song  B1.Barrel of Pain (Half-Life)  B2.T.V. Guide  B3.It’s All Right  B4.Magical

              Child  B5.In the ‘80s


(orig lp)     US/UK Capitol SWAK-12014 [gf/ps], ARG Capitol 8077, JPN Capitol ECS-81268 [gf]

(reiss cd)    July 17 2001: NET Magic 1982202


1980.05       A1.EARTH & SKY

              B1.Magical Child

              7”: CAN Capitol 4879


     Nash, Doerge, Drummond, Lindley, Bill Boydston, Mike Fisher, Michael Landau, Kenny

       Loggins, Leland Sklar, James Taylor, Waddy Wachtel, Ian Wallace, Mark Williams, etc.


1986.04       A1.INNOCENT EYES                                   US.86 [4.26.86-7w]

              7PRO: US Atlantic 7-89434 [ps], UK Atlantic A9434 [ps], GER Atlantic 789 434-7


              B1.I Got a Rock

              7”: US Atlantic 7-89434 [ps]


1986.04       INNOCENT EYES                                      US.136

              Produced by Graham Nash, Stanley Johnston, Craig Doerge

              A1.See You in Prague  A2.Keep Away from Me  A3.Innocent Eyes  A4.Chippin’ Away 

              A5.Over the Wall  B1.Don’t Listen to the Rumors  B2.Sad Eyes  B3.Newday  B4.Glass

              and Steel  B5.I Got a Rock


(orig lp)     US/AUSL Atlantic 81633-1 [lyrics], UK/GER Atlantic 781 633-1 [lyrics], JPN

              Atlantic P-13299

(orig cs)     US Atlantic 81633-4, UK Atlantic 781 633-4

(reiss cd)    2008: UK Rhino 99256


1986.07       A1.SAD EYES


              7”: US Atlantic 7-89396 [ps]


              12PRO: US Atlantic PR-904


1986.10       A1.CHIPPIN’ AWAY

              7PRO: US Atlantic


1986          SOLO IN ’86: A CONVERSATION


(promo lp)    US Atlantic PR-910


     Nash, Crosby, Kunkel, Lenny Castro (percussion), Dan Dugmore (guitars), Steve Farris

       (guitars), Sydney Forest (vocals), Viktor Krauss (bass), Dean Parks (guitars), Matt

       Rollings (keyboards).



              Produced by Russell Kunkel, Nathaniel Kunkel and Graham Nash

              1.Dirty Little Secret  2.Blizzard of Lies  3.Lost Another One  4.The Chelsea Hotel 

              5.I’ll Be There for You  6.Nothing in the World  7.Where Love Lies Tonight 

              8.Pavanne  9.Liar’s Nightmare  10.Come with Me


(promo cd)    US Artemis ARTCD-132, JPN Epic EICP-139

(orig cd)     US Artemis 751130-2


2002          1.LOST ANOTHER ONE

              CDSPRO: US Artemis ARTCD-131


2009.02.03    REFLECTIONS

              A1.On a Carousel  A2.Carrie Anne  A3.King Midas in Reverse  A4.Marrakesh Express 

              A5.Pre-Road Downs  A6.Lady of the Island  A7.Our House  A8.Teach Your Children 

              A9.Right Between the Eyes  A10.I Used to Be a King  A11.Simple Man  A12.Man in the

              Mirror  A13.Better Days  A14.Military Madness  A15.Sleep Song  A16.Chiacgo/We Can

              Change the World  A17.Southbound Train  A18.Immigration Man  A19.Wild Tales 

              A20.Prison Song  A21.Oh! Camil (The Winter Soldier)  A22.On the Line  A23.You’ll

              Never Be the Same  A24.Another Sleep Song  B1.To the Last Whale  B2.Fieldworker 

              B3.Cowboy of Dreams  B4.Love Work Out  B5.Marguerita  B6.Taken at All  B7.Mutiny 

              B8.Just a Song Before I Go  B9.Cold Rain  B10.Cathedral  B11.Barrel of Pain (Half-

              Life)  B12.Magical Child  B13.Song for Susan  B14.Wasted on the Way  B15.Love Is

              the Reason  B16.Raise a Voice  B17.Clear Blue Skies  B18.Lonely Man  B19.Sad Eyes 

              B20.Water From the Moon  B21.Soldiers of Peace  C1.If Anybody had a Heart 

              C2.Chippin’ Away  C3.After the Dolphin  C4.House of Broken Dreams  C5.Unequal Love 

              C6.Liar’s Nightmare  C7.Heartland  C8.These Empty Days  C9.Try to Find Me  C10.Two

              Hearts  C11.Behind the Shades  C12.(Hedges Here)  C13.I Surrender  C14.Live On

              (the Wall)  C15.Dirty Little Secret  C16.We Breathe the Same Air  C17.Grace 

              C18.Jesus of Rio  C19.In Your Name


(orig 3-cd)   US/UK Rhino 79935 [boxed]