TC-40642 Sound Proof
Produced by Greg Howe
Released on June 24, 2008
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TC-40642 cover
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Y ou walk head humbled into the Hallowed Gallery of Guitar Heroes, past the towering Tyrannosaurus Hendrix and the giant, inflatable Page, twin blades pointed skyward. Beyond the illuminated library of Fripp, through the indoor gardens of Carlos Santana, behind the half-busts of Robin Trower and Phil Manzanera is a small display in a dusty corner with a button marked Tone Center. Press the button and a secret passage is revealed, leading to a hidden land of great axemen felling trees deep in a forest where few can hear them. In a clearing you’ll find Greg Howe, carving out a career as a consummate guitarist with his latest release, Sound Proof. Howe has fireworks fingers, so that even in the middle of a smooth fusion track like “Morning View” sparks fly. He’s also got a firecracker outfit behind him, especially drummer Gianluca Palmieri. Ordinarily, I wait for these barnstorm releases to burn out, but Sound Proof never does. Howe has spent some time in the Hallowed Gallery himself, studying Pat Metheny, Carlos Santana, Eddie Van Halen. What emerges on Sound Proof is a firestarter who blazes through jazz fusion and funk, produces crunching tones effortlessly, scales the neck with jaw-dropping celerity and knows how to write a hot five-minute instrumental to boot. If you should find yourself in the forest in need of a guitar hero, you couldn’t do much better than Greg Howe. He’s what others have dubbed a guitarist’s guitarist, a point humorously underscored with the “Connoisseur” interludes, in which an overzealous enthusiast (played by Dale Fischer) babbles on about transparent tones and Brazilian rosewood inlays. As for whether Howe has earned that kind of wide-eyed adulation, the proof, like the joke, is in the details.

TC-40642 gatefold sleeve TC-40642 back sleeve
TC-40642 gatefold sleeve TC-40642 back sleeve


  1. INTRO    0:13
  2. EMERGENCY EXIT    7:31
  3. TELL ME SOMETHING GOOD    (Stevie Wonder)    5:37
  4. CONNOISSEUR PART 1    0:29
  5. REUNION    5:52
  6. MORNING VIEW    4:36
  7. WALKIE TALKIE    6:14
  8. REHEARSAL NOTE    0:17
  9. SIDE NOTE    7:13
  10. SUNSET IN EL PASO    4:15
  11. WRITE ME A SONG    0:30
  12. CHILD'S PLAY    4:26
  13. SOUND PROOF    6:41
  14. CONNOISSEUR PART 2    2:28

    All songs written by Greg Howe unless noted


GREG HOWE -- guitar
DAVID COOK -- keyboards
Elvio Fernandez -- voice (1)
Dale V. Fischer -- voice (4,14)
Greg Wiktorski -- mixing
Jason D'Ottavio -- basic tracks engineer
Cassandra Childs -- photography, package and graphic design
John Gonsalves -- photography

US June 24, 2008 Tone Center CD TC-40642  


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