CHR 1357 Greg Lake
Produced by Greg Lake
(Track 3 by Alex Grobb)
Released on October 1981
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CHR 1357 cover
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K ronomyth 1.0: LET ME GO ONCE BEFORE YOU LOVE ME. He put the L in ELP, but you have to wonder what the L he was thinking with this album: bad 80s heavy metal, a throwaway cowritten by Bob Dylan (“Love You Too Much”), a song that sounds for the life of me like Fleetwood Mac’s “You Make Lovin’ Fun” (“Black and Blue”) and, finally around the fifth track, half an album that meets my expectations for a Greg Lake solo album. Hooray-ly, I stopped caring during one of Gary Moore’s pyrotechnic pony shows (Gary, Moore is less). The opening “Nuclear Attack” honestly knocked the air out of me, and just when you think things couldn’t get any worse (trust me, you’ll be thinking that), Lake trots out a song cowritten with Bob Dylan (!). Let’s face it, if Bob Dylan loved the idea so much he would have kept it. I was waiting for the wimpy ballad, so “It Hurts” didn’t, but it isn’t until “Retribution Drive” that you begin to think that maybe, just maybe, the heroic balladeer of old will return. On the second side, he does. It’s by far the better half, mixing stately rock songs with romantic ballads. If you enjoyed the first half of Love Beach, the second half of Greg Lake offers more of the same (“Someone,” “Long Goodbye,” “For Those Who Dare”). I would first direct you to John Wetton’s Caught in the Crossfire, however, or any number of Asia albums. You might also want to check out Gary Moore’s next two albums: Corridors of Power (which featured Tommy Eyre) and Dirty Fingers (which featured a version of Moore’s “Nuclear Attack”). Or you might want to step away from the computer and go outside and skip. That’s what I would do.

CHR 1357 back cover CHR 1357 lyric sleeve
CHR 1357 back cover CHR 1357 lyric sleeve


  1. NUCLEAR ATTACK    (Gary Moore)    4:27
  2. LOVE YOU TOO MUCH    (Bob Dylan/Helena Springs/Greg Lake)    3:55
  3. IT HURTS    (Greg Lake)    4:27
  4. BLACK AND BLUE    (Greg Lake)    3:56
  5. RETRIBUTION DRIVE    (Greg Lake/Tony Benyon/Tommy Eyre)    5:03
  6. LONG GOODBYE    (Greg Lake/Tony Benyon/Tommy Eyre)    3:55
  7. THE LIE    (Greg Lake/Tommy Eyre/Tony Benyon)    4:44
  8. SOMEONE    (Tommy Eyre/Greg Lake/Tony Benyon)    4:08
  9. LET ME LOVE YOU ONCE BEFORE YOU GO    (Steve Dorff/Molly Ann Leiken)    4:16
  10. FOR THOSE WHO DARE    (Greg Lake/Tony Benyon)    3:53


GREG LAKE -- bass, vocals
TOMMY EYRE -- keyboards
GARY MOORE -- guitar
Clarence Clemmons -- saxophone
Willie Cochrane -- piper
Bill Cuomo -- keyboards
Michael Giles -- drums
David Hungate -- bass
Jode Leigh -- drums
Steve Lukather -- guitar
Tristram Margetts -- bass
Greg Mathieson -- keyboards
Ted McKenna -- drums
David Milner -- piper
Dean Parks -- guitar
Jeff Porcaro -- drums
Snuffy Walden -- guitar
Haydn Bendall -- engineer
Brian Robson -- engineer
Steve Short -- engineer
Paul Dobe -- engineer
Harold Blumberg -- engineer
John Timerly -- engineer
Nigel Walker -- engineer
Tony Benyon -- cover concept
Rocky at Cucumber -- fibre-optic design
John Pasche -- art direction

UK October 1981 Chrysalis LP/CS CHR/ZCHR-1357 lyric sleeve
US October 1981 Chrysalis LP/CS CHR/PVT4-1357 lyric sleeve
GER 1981 Chrysalis LP 204 103 320  
JPN 1981 Chrysalis LP WWS-81445 picture sleeve
  2000 Creative Musical Arts CD GLCD 3002  
UK 2000 Zoom CD ZCRCD42 digital remaster
  July 26, 2011 Rock Candy CD   digital remaster


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