Max Bacon (vocals), Steve Hackett (guitar), Steve Howe (guitar), Jonathan Mover (drums),

Phil Spalding (bass).


1986.05 A1.WHEN THE HEART RULES THE MIND (Edit) US.14 [5.10.86-16w]

7PRO: US Arista 9470 [ps]

B1.Reach Out (Never Say No)

7: UK Arista GTR-1 [ps], UK Arista GTRSD-1 [shaped picdisc], US/CAN Arista

AS1-9470 [ps], GER Arista 108.090 [ps], JPN CBS 07SP-954

3.Sketches in the Sun 4.Hackett to Bits

12: UK Arista GTR-121

B1.When the Heart Rules the Mind (LP Version)

12PRO: US Arista ADP-9469


1986 GTR UK.41 US.11 œ

Produced by Geoffrey Downes

A1.When the Heart Rules the Mind A2.The Hunter A3.Here I Wait A4.Sketches in

the Sun A5.Jekyll and Hyde B1.You Can Still Get Through B2.Reach Out (Never Say

No) B3.Toe the Line B4.Hackett to Bits B5.Imagining


(orig lp) US Arista AL8-8400, JPN CBS/Sony 28AP-3168

(orig cd) US Arista ARCD-8400

(reiss cd) 2001: US One Way 35175


1986 A1.THE HUNTER B1.Sketches in the Sun US.85

7: US/CAN Arista AS1-9512 [ps], GER Arista 108.459

3.The Hunter (LP Version) 4.The Hunter (Special GTR Mix) 5.Hackett to Bits

12PRO: US Arista ADP-9513



1.Jekyll and Hyde 2.Here I Wait 3.Prizefighters 4.Imagining 5.Hackett to Bits

6.Spectral Mornings 7.I Know What I Like 8.Sketches in the Sun 9.Pennants

10.Roundabout 11.The Hunter 12.You Can Still Get Through 13.Reach out (Never

Say No) 14.When the Heart Rules the Mind


(orig cd) King Biscuit 88021, JPN Sony SRCS-8373