GCD-497-2 Independent Days Volumes 1 & 2
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Released on 1995
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P oor Hawkwind, I’ve done it to them again. This is yet another cut-priced compilation that I should have forsaken in favor of their original works, but the penny-pinching imp pushed the “buy” button before I could stop him. Or her. (Imps are very small after all.) So the picture is still fuzzy, half-formed, plagued by the painful itching that poking about blindly in such a large wood will breed. This disc is sort of a combination of the earlier, separate Independent Days volumes one and two (apparently first released in the early ‘80s), but minus a pair of tracks from that tract and now in different order. In the world of Hawkwind, nothing is ever what it seems at first glance. Some of these songs could be seen as essential in an ancillary capacity, singles that include “Night of the Hawks,” “Motorway City” and the 1981 take on “Motorhead.” Things fall apart after that, sort of, with live versions of “Angels of Death” and “Over The Top” (both very good, by the way) interspersed with extracurricular efforts from Dave Brock, The Hawklords and Hawkwind Zoo. Independent Days has a mind of its own, on the one hand flirting with a proper compilation of the finer moments from their Flicknife adventures while on the other championing songs that might have unfairly rusted in obscurity. It’s a confusing place for neophytes to start so, please, show more restraint than my impish impulse and save this for dessert. Otherwise to be filed alongside In The Beginning as paraphernalia for a long journey.


  1. NIGHT OF THE HAWKS    (Dave Brock)
  2. MOTORWAY CITY    (Dave Brock)
  3. MOTORHEAD    (Lemmy Kilmister)
  4. ANGELS OF DEATH    (Dave Brock)
  5. WHO'S GONNA WIN THE WAR    (Dave Brock)
  6. WATCHING THE GRASS GROW    (Nik Turner)
  7. OVER THE TOP    (Dave Brock/Robert Calvert)
  8. HURRY ON SUNDOWN    (Dave Brock)
  9. KISS OF THE VELVET WHIP    (Dave Brock)
  10. KINGS OF SPEED    (Dave Brock)
  11. SOCIAL ALLIANCE    (Dave Brock)
  12. DREAM DANCERS    (Dave Brock)
  13. DRAGONS & FABLES    (Huw Lloyd-Langton)


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