RRC 9303 Palace Springs
Produced by Hawkwind & Paul Cobbold
Released on July 16, 1991
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S PACELOG 1991: That quirky satellite off Beryl 6 is kicking back a message from Hawkwind, and the boys downstairs with the headsets and the green screens can’t untangle it. The Hawkwind had been on an experimental mission, a one-way trip to the end of space, and after the ‘80s we figured we’d lost them. Funny thing was, messages kept coming back, sometimes a garbled transmission from the past, sometimes a new declaration of striking clarity. Seems the folks aboard Hawkwind had embraced a sort of organic chaos as a social structure, which kept them from going at one another like the other missions. Time folds out in the bleachers where these boys and girls are sitting, so we can’t really use that as a reference point. Wrapped in the new messages are old truths; “Golden Void,” “Time We Left This World Today” and “Damnation Alley” among them is the early word from the brains downstairs. But it’s all irrelevant out there: reality and unreality merge, past and future are slices of the same moment. Decoding Palace Springs might lead to nothing; leaving it intact and simply listening is to travel on the edge of space with Hawkwind. The strange images that flash past, worlds of unimagined composition and color, are the thieves and outcasts of a centric galaxy. In a sense, so is Hawkwind. They struck out from the ‘70s in a straight line and never looked back, forging ahead without making the minor corrections in trajectory that most bands did, exaggerating their error over the years. By 1991, Hawkwind had become an artifact of an unrealized tomorrow, parallel with our own present but never really a part of it. The code buried in Palace Springs is this: a glimpse of what the future looks like to the past. Side by side with our own mundane 1991, we’re found wanting. If it’s enigmatic, isn’t it better that way? Space has revealed so few of its secrets, only up to the ankle in an eons-slow striptease of the great mysteries, that inscrutable space rock is just one more inexplicable phenomena in a nightsky full of them. Once we identify something, we immediately diminish it, so tell the boys downstairs to take a break. I don’t need to know what Palace Springs is, I only need to know that it is.


  1. BACK IN THE BOX    (Hawkwind '89)    6:17
  2. TREADMILL    (Dave Brock)    8:06
  3. VOID OF GOLDEN LIGHT    (Dave Brock)    6:48
  4. LIVES OF GREAT MEN    (Dave Brock)    3:27
  5. TIME WE LEFT    (Dave Brock)    2:40
  6. HEADS    (Dave Brock/Neil)    4:37
  7. ACID TEST    (Harvey Bainbridge)    6:03
  8. DAMNATION ALLEY    (Dave Brock/Robert Calvert)    7:13


HARVEY BAINBRIDGE -- keyboards & vocals
DAVE BROCK -- vocals, guitar & keyboards
ALAN DAVEY -- bass & vocals
SIMON HOUSE -- guest violin
Paul Cobbold -- engineer
Pogie, Jenny, Adey, Anarc Lights -- lightshow
George Snow, WKBC-TV, based on a video still by Taste Productions -- cover design

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UK 1991 GWR LP/CD GWLP 104  
US July 16, 1991 RoadRacer CD/CS RRD/RRC 9303 picture sleeve
EUR 1994? Castle Classics CD CLACD-303  
EUR 1997? Essential CD ESMCD-739  


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