CLEO-57412 Psychedelic Warlords
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Released on 1992
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P sychedelic warlords indeed, the early epic battles and wild journeys filtered through the sludgy lava lamp of sonic splendor that still defines Hawkwind. If I begrudge this a green flag, it’s only because there’s so much product in the Hawkwind chronicles to contend with, and even a solid greatest hits compilation like this gets lost in the crowd. In its defense, the sound is very good (relative to the band’s original murky vision, mind you) and the selections are excellent. In fact, several of the tracks here are single edits rather than elpee cuts (“It’s So Easy,” “Psychedelic Warlords”), which could be seen as a kindness to collectors. If you’re looking to dip your feet in the dark waters of Hawkwind, here’s as good a place to start as any among the latter-day compilations. “Urban Guerilla,” “Brainstorm” and “Master of the Universe” will test your mettle; if they don’t press your launch button, pack your bags and cut your losses. Also included is the classic “Silver Machine” in its original single mix, with the band’s craft locked into interstellar overdrive, and the atypically easy listening of “Hurry On Sundown.” The band’s first two albums are best represented here (“Paranoia II,” “Adjust Me”), and the mystic “Down Through The Night” from Doremi Fasol Latido is a nice choice (that album’s “Brainstorm” is also presented here in its Space Ritual version). The disc also includes generous liner notes that cover the band’s beginnings. I’ve been burned in the past by random dialing the ancient ghosts with cut-price compilations, but Psychedelic Warlords is a clear connection to the old wonders. Amazingly, the band continues to exist outside of space and time as we know it, which makes time travel like this easier since the reference points are all plotted in the universe of Hawkwind.

CLEO-57412 back cover
CLEO-57412 back cover (cut out)


  1. PSYCHEDELIC WARLORDS (SINGLE EDIT)    (Dave Brock)    3:55
  2. BRAINSTORM    (Nik Turner)    9:18
  3. HURRY ON SUNDOWN    (Hawkwind)    4:50
  4. PARANOIA II    (Hawkwind)    4:11
  5. YOU SHOULDN'T DO THAT (LIVE)    (Nik Turner/Dave Brock)    7:04
  6. SILVER MACHINE (ORIGINAL SINGLE MIX)    (Bob Calvert/Dave Brock)    4:36
  7. URBAN GUERILLA (ORIGINAL SINGLE MIX)    (Bob Calvert/Dave Brock)    3:39
  8. DOWN THROUGH THE NIGHT    (Dave Brock)    2:59
  9. IT'S SO EASY (ORIGINAL SINGLE MIX)    (Dave Brock)    5:21
  10. MIRROR OF ILLUSION    (Dave Brock)    6:58
  11. ADJUST ME    (Hawkwind)    5:44
  13. MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE    (Dave Brock/Nik Turner)    6:17


Brian Tawn -- liner notes
Raphael -- front art
Grenas -- cover

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US/CAN 1992 Cleopatra CD CLEO-57412 picture sleeve
NET November 13, 2001 Big Eye Music CD 4101  


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