PC 36415 Monster
Produced by David Rubinson
Released on 1980
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C urse my mercilessly unfunky hide for not diggin’ this trip earlier. Granted the post Head Hunters funk forays became bread hunters, in search of commercial success as much as a smart groove that would meet in the middle of mind and booty, but it seems I disposed of Monster too early. The album’s title might well take its name from the hybrid experiments on hand here: Latin jazz and disco/funk fused together for “Saturday Night” (including a frenetic solo from Carlos Santana), romantic soul slipped into “Making Love,” smartalecky synthetic kicks mix in with “Go For It” to prefigure bands like Was (Not Was). And then there’s the majestic Wah Wah Watson laying it down with a liquid glide on “Don’t Hold It In.” That track and the winning “Stars In Your Eyes” (which invites comparison to Boz Scagg’s “Lowdown”) are Monster’s high moments, though oddly neither was selected as one of three singles that Monster spawned. Sure, I’m a little creeped out by the fact that producer David Rubinson and associate producer Jeffrey Cohen get so much of the songwriting credit; maybe Monster is a machine. But Hancock and his cohorts have far too much talent to slip into a tired genre exercise. And who’s to say that Latin jazz is a respectable medium (Chick Corea) and funk isn’t? True, Monster may scare off jazz purists, as much as Feets Don’t Fail Me Now might send them running. And Carlos Santana fans can save their money, since the solo is only so-so. Monster’s admirers will be those who think jazz, funk, disco and pop can all swim in the same pool, in which case you may want to dive right in.

PC 36415 back cover
PC 36415 back cover


  1. SATURDAY NIGHT    (Hebrie Hancock/Jeffrey Cohen/David Rubinson)    7:13
  2. STARS IN YOUR EYES    (Ray Parker, Jr./Herbie Hancock/Gavin Christopher)    7:01
  3. GO FOR IT    (Alphonse Mouzon/Herbie Hancock/Jeffrey Cohen/David Rubinson)    7:28
  4. DON'T HOLD IT IN    (M. Ragin/Jeffrey Cohen)    8:02
  5. MAKING LOVE    (Alphonse Mouzon/J. Hancock)    6:23
  6. IT ALL COMES ROUND    (M. Ragin/Jeffrey Cohen/David Rubinson)    5:50


HERBIE HANCOCK -- Eu polyphonic keyboard, Clavitar, Waves minimoog, minimoog, Prophet 5, Oberheim 8 voice, Yamaha CS-80, Arp 2600, Hohner clavinet, Rhodes 88 suitcase piano, Steiner EVI, Sennheiser vocoder, WLM organ, Lynn-Moffett drum synthesizer, modified Apple II Plus microcomputer, Roland CR 70, piano
SHEILA ESCOVEDO -- percussion
ALPHONSE MOUZON -- drums, synthesizer (3)
JULIA WATERS -- backing vocals
LUTHER WATERS -- backing vocals
MAXINE WATERS -- backing vocals
OREN WATERS -- backing vocals, lead vocal (3)
WAH WAH WATSON -- guitar
Bill Champlin -- lead and all background vocals (6)
Gavin Christopher -- lead vocals (2,4)
Randy Hansen -- guitar (4,6)
Ray Parker, Jr. -- guitar (2)
Devadip Carlos Santana -- guitar (1)
Greg Walker -- lead vocals (1,5)
Jeffery Cohen -- associate producer
Fred Catero -- engineer
David Rubinson -- engineer
Bryan Bell -- keyboard engineer
Gahan Wilson -- cover art
Ray Rogers -- back cover photography

US 1980 Columbia LP JC 36415  
NET 1980 CBS LP 84237  
US   Columbia LP PC 36415  
US 1991 Columbia CD/CS CK/PCT 36415  
EUR 1997 Sony CD 486571 digital remaster
EUR 1998 Sony Int'l CD SRCS 9505  


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