1-25544 Warehouse: Songs And Stories
Produced by Bob Mould and Grant Hart
Released on January 1987
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1-25544 cover
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W arehouse is work and I’m a lazy dog. Reaction to the record varies: some hardliners smelled a sell-out in its less primitive production, some found the polish brought their best qualities to the surface, and as for me, I can’t see why this needed to be a double album when 75% of the songs sound the same. I’ve tried to find something appealing in the band’s ramrod arrangements, minimalist melodies and like-it-or-not vocals, but time and again I return to the handful of Mould’s catchy melodies and Hart’s occasional experiments as the record’s redeeming moments: “Could You Be the One?,” “Standing in the Rain,” “It’s Not Peculiar,” “She Floated Away,” “Actual Condition,” “You Can Live at Home.” That last track might be the best thing on here because it follows a different formula (pfunk). Maybe if I listened to Warehouse a gazillion times I’d grow to love each and every track, but I’m sure I could find something better to do with my time (like learning how to juggle or reading about history). I have the same reaction to The Ramones: hey bulldog, heard it before, do you know anymore? I actually like the mixture of pop and punk, but it’s a limited medium. Even The Buzzcocks bore me sometimes. Which isn’t to say that Warehouse isn’t a well-done effort. But it’s overdone and been done to death since. They could have dropped a handful of songs from here, led off with a winner like “Could You Be The One?” and maybe it wouldn’t have felt like looking at twenty identical brown boxes. I’m sure it’s less irritating when you don’t have to flip the record four times too.

1-25544 back cover 1-25544 lyric sleeve
1-25544 back cover 1-25544 lyric sleeve


    record one
  1. THESE IMPORTANT YEARS    (Bob Mould)    3:49
  2. CHARITY, CHASTITY, PRUDENCE, AND HOPE    (Grant Hart)    3:11
  3. STANDING IN THE RAIN    (Bob Mould)    3:41
  4. BACK FROM SOMEWHERE    (Grant Hart)    2:16
  5. ICE COLD ICE    (Bob Mould)    4:23
  6. YOU'RE A SOLDIER    (Grant Hart)    3:03
  7. COULD YOU BE THE ONE?    (Bob Mould)    2:32
  8. TOO MUCH SPICE    (Grant Hart)    2:57
  9. FRIEND, YOU'VE GOT TO FALL    (Bob Mould)    3:20
  10. VISIONARY    (Bob Mould)    2:30
  11. SHE FLOATED AWAY    (Grant Hart)    3:32

    record two
  12. BED OF NAILS    (Bob Mould)    4:44
  13. TELL YOU WHY TOMORROW    (Grant Hart)    2:42
  14. IT'S NOT PECULIAR    (Bob Mould)    4:06
  15. ACTUAL CONDITION    (Grant Hart)    1:50
  16. NO RESERVATIONS    (Bob Mould)    3:40
  17. TURN IT AROUND    (Bob Mould)    4:32
  18. SHE'S A WOMAN (AND NOW HE IS A MAN)    (Grant Hart)    3:19
  19. UP IN THE AIR    (Bob Mould)    3:03
  20. YOU CAN LIVE AT HOME    (Grant Hart)    5:25


GRANT HART -- drums, vocals
BOB MOULD -- guitar, vocals
GREG NORTON -- bass, vocals
Steven Fjelstad -- engineer
Daniel Corrigan and Husker Du -- photography

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US January 1987 Warner Bros. 2LP 25544 lyric sleeves
UK/GER 1987 Warner Bros. 2LP 925 544 lyric sleeves
US/UK   Warner Bros. CD 25544  
GER   Warner Bros. 2LP 25544 180g vinyl


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