SP 5198 Instinct
Produced by Bill Laswell
Released on July 1988
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SP 5198 cover
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I nstinct? I sure thought it did. Tempting on the surface (Bill Laswell as the Producer, Steve Jones as the Axeman) but tepid underneath, Instinct is Iggy Pop as product. His vocals were recorded separately from the band, he delivers them disinterestedly and the band simply goes through the motions. Maybe it was instinct that prodded him on to make an album every two years; it certainly wasn’t inspiration. Like Alice Cooper’s heavy metal reinvention, Pop doesn’t seem to buy into his own persona anymore. Someone should’ve told him that “Strong Girl” and “Tuff Baby” were just a waste of everybody’s time. I say, if you’re gonna lay down and bite it, don’t even spend the effort; just slap some lyrics onto a ripoff of “Louie, Louie” or “You Really Got Me” and go home. Yet a new Iggy Pop album still grabs a little share of the daily headlines and inches some deserving punk band from getting a listen. As far as I’m concerned, Steve Jones’ fifteen minutes ended a long time ago, and Iggy Pop on Instinct seems in an awful hurry to join him. Not that A&M had any business representing Iggy anyway; they wouldn’t know punk rock if it jumped on their shoulders and yelled “Giddyup!” I could try to pull out the few decent tracks on here and list them for you, but I wouldn’t want to tempt you. My advice: Don’t buy this album until you’ve collected some of the lurid, live bootleg-quality documents. That stuff was Iggy on the edge; this is Iggy in a box.

SP 5198 back cover SP 5198 picture sleeve
SP 5198 back cover SP 5198 picture sleeve


  1. COLD METAL    (Iggy Pop/Steve Jones)    3:26
  2. HIGH ON YOU    (Iggy Pop)    4:48
  3. STRONG GIRL    (Iggy Pop/Steve Jones)    5:03
  4. TOM TOM    (Iggy Pop)    3:16
  5. EASY RIDER    (Iggy Pop/Steve Jones)    4:53
  6. POWER & FREEDOM    (Iggy Pop/Steve Jones)    3:52
  7. LOWDOWN    (Iggy Pop)    4:29
  8. INSTINCT    (Iggy Pop)    4:12
  9. TUFF BABY    (Iggy Pop)    4:25
  10. SQUAREHEAD    (Iggy Pop/Steve Jones)    5:06


IGGY POP -- vocals
SEAMUS BEAGHEN -- keyboards
LEIGH FOXX -- bass
STEVE JONES -- guitars
Jeff Bova -- keyboard programming
Nicky Skopelitis -- CMI programming
Martin Bisi -- vocal engineer
Robert Musso -- engineer, mixing
Jason Corsaro -- mixing
Gary Grimshaw/Media Services Associates -- cover design
Paul McAlpine -- photography
Donald Krieger -- graphic design

US/CAN July 1988 A&M LP/CD/CS SP/CS 5198 picture sleeve
UK July 1988 A&M LP AMA 5198 picture sleeve
AUS'L 1988 A&M LP L38915 picture sleeve
JPN 1988 A&M LP C28Y-3243 lyric insert
WW 1988 A&M LP/CD 395198  
YUG   RTB LP 220345  
US August 21, 2001 MCA Special Products CD 5198  


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